DiCara admits master’s degree claim on website was wrong
Wednesday, 27 August 2014 12:02
 by Ben Boehl

    After a local blogger raised questions about Joe DiCara’s online résumé, the Democratic County Council candidate said he does not have a master’s degree, but admitted that such a claim had been listed on his website.
    An Aug. 16 Google cache version of DiCara’s campaign website includes the claim that DiCara had received a master’s in marketing from the University of Baltimore, but an updated version no longer mentions the degree.
    When blogger Buzz Beeler inquired to see if DiCara’s claim was legitimate, an update was made to DiCara’s site.
    DiCara told The Eagle that he does not have a master’s degree and admitted a mistake was made.
    “I do not nor did I ever claim to have a master’s degree,” DiCara responded.
    He acknowledged that he gave his information and résumé to a copywriter who placed it on his website, but that he made a mistake by not checking up on the website.
    “It was an oversight on my part and it was removed. I take full responsibility for my mistake,” DiCara told The Eagle.
    DiCara added that he is unhappy with Beeler for bringing up the issue and is proud of his résumé, which includes items such as being a member of the Board of Advisors for Merrick School of Business at the University of Baltimore, meeting with over 50 foreign delegations to create business opportunities for several prominent U.S. manufacturers, and serving as senior business development executive for the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development.
    “I’m focusing on getting jobs in the community,” he said. “Do you think people out of work are concerned if I have a master’s degree?”
    Republican opponent Todd Crandell responded that DiCara’s description of an “oversight” was misleading to voters.
    “A candidate is responsible for what is on his website. Whether the fraudulent claim was deliberate or not, the constituents I talked to feel misled,” Crandell said.
    “They’ve had it up to here with politicians being caught in lies and then claiming it was an “oversight.” We’ve been down that road before in this district, haven’t we? I know voters are demanding something different.”  
    According to DiCara, Beeler has asked him for contacts to confirm other parts of his résumé, such as the 50 foreign delegations, but DiCara wonders if his Crandell is getting the same treatment.
    “Buzz has dug up my past but has brought up nothing on my opponent,” DiCara stated. “You did not see this in the primary. All the Democrats played nice.”