County agreement will allow fireworks to continue — for now
Wednesday, 27 August 2014 12:09
 by Nicole Rodman

    When the county announced its intention to sell the North Point Government Center property in December 2012, one of the first concerns raised was of the future of the annual July 4 fireworks display.
    Each Independence Day, the Dundalk Heritage Fair Association funds and organizes a community fireworks show, launched from the county-owned grounds near Grange Elementary School.
    As plans to sell the Government Center have progressed, public concern over the future of the much-beloved tradition has increased.
    Last Tuesday, the county signed an agreement with the Heritage Fair Association that will allow the fireworks to continue for at least the next year.
    According to Joe Falbo, president of the Heritage Fair Association, the agreement will allow the fireworks display to continue, regardless of the status of development at the Government Center site.
    “I got something in writing,” Falbo noted last Wednesday.
    As Falbo explained, the fireworks are currently launched from the boundary between the Government Center and Grange Elementary.
    Under the new agreement, the fireworks can be pushed back to launch from the Grange property if needed. According to Falbo, this would likely be a very short distance — perhaps 10 to 20 feet.
    Falbo also noted that the agreement only applies for next year’s fireworks. Plans for subsequent years have not yet been made.
    Falbo also addressed issues surrounding a perceived lack of county support for future Heritage Fairs in Dundalk.
    Last month, Falbo told The Eagle that the county had provided little support for this year’s fair. Among Falbo’s complaints were the lack of county-provided picnic tables and trash cans.
    Falbo also indicated that county officials had told him that the fair may not be allowed to continue past 2015.
    “I was told maybe we can do [the fair] again next year and that’s it,” Falbo said last month.
    Since that time, Falbo noted, the county has expressed a willingness to work with the Heritage Fair Association on future fairs.
    According to Falbo, he will meet with county officials — including County Executive Kevin Kamenetz — next month to work out details relating to the county’s support for next year’s fair.
    “This way we can sit down and talk,” he said of the upcoming meeting, adding, “So everybody knows and everyone is on the same page.”