District finance team is part of council hopeful Crandell’s jobs plan
Wednesday, 03 September 2014 13:03

Plan would include a focus on high-tech assembly jobs

 by Ben Boehl

    As November’s General Election grows closer, local candidates are touting their plans to bring jobs to southeastern Baltimore County.
    Del. John Olszewski Jr., who is running for state Senate, announced his proposal in July.
    Now, Republican County Council candidate Todd Crandell has released his plan to bring jobs to the area.
    Crandell said in May that he wanted to create a District 7 finance team and added last week that the proposed group would include a hybrid advisory board made up of leaders in manufacturing, technology, and finance, as well as local business leaders and labor union representatives.
    “We just have to work together to reach the full potential of our renewal, and I want to put the best business minds available to assist us,” he noted.
    Crandell said he supports the Port of Baltimore’s plan to take over the Coke Point portion of the former Sparrows Point steel mill and that he is optimistic that the site has a strong future, as he called it a “one-of-a-kind property” with  overall potential of regional economic renewal.   
    Crandell added that he also wants to focus on job creation for the entire southeastern area, in areas such as high-tech assembly jobs.
    The Republican argued that the region needs a proactive approach, which he said he will pursue.
    “We may be on the verge of some exciting news for Sparrows Point, but my concern extends to the entire district and to the vast amount of vacant and blighted properties,” Crandell noted. 

“They are eyesores now, but I see opportunity in our future.”
    Crandell added that he wants ro build a good working relationship with the Maryland General Assembly to create a better business climate, as well as keep up constant outreach to local businesses.
    “Let’s make sure we are helping businesses before they get into trouble and have to stop hiring or shut doors,” Crandell said.