On Nov. 8, the Baltimore County Police Department presented awards to officers and county residents as part of an annual award ceremony. Additionally, four Auxiliary Officers participated in a graduation ceremony prior to the awards being handed out.

The departmental awards are given to officers who have performed extraordinarily over the past 12 months. The Baltimore County Police Department Awards Review Board spends months reviewing nominations based on departmental standard criteria.

Awards were presented to officers in the following categories:

Medal of Honor: This is the highest and most prestigious Departmental Award. It is awarded to persons who, with knowledge of risk, found themselves in a life-threatening situation, and intelligently committed themselves to dangers.

  • Detective Pat Gibbs

Silver Star: This is the second highest Departmental Award. It recognizes officers who demonstrate valor, courage, intelligence and bravery over and above that normally demanded and expected.

  • Officer Maxime Aracil
  • Officer Chad Canup
  • Officer Tyler Carver
  • Officer David Earomirski
  • Officer Adam Heavner
  • Officer Gary Leary
  • Officer Andrew Minton
  • Officer Jaqueline Monteleone
  • Officer Michael Pfadenhauer
  • Officer Brian Remmers
  • Officer Brooks Rothschild
  • Officer Erica Slocum
  • Officer Michael Spahn

Purple Heart: This is awarded to those officers, who, through personal sacrifice, have been injured while performing their duties.

  • Officer Erica Slocum

Commendation: This is the third highest Departmental Award. It is awarded to officers who display courage and devotion to duty above that normally required; or who display intelligence during unusual circumstances; or who demonstrate initiative in solving a crime; or one who, under certain circumstances, arrest an armed and dangerous person.

  • Sergeant Brian Ables
  • Corporal Jessica Beale
  • Detective Sergeant Izaac Hester
  • Detective Eric Hoppa
  • Detective Tyler Shaff
  • Detective Charles Trenary
  • Detective Justin Warnick
  • Officer Brian Beckford
  • Officer Jonathan Besaw
  • Officer Mark Canning
  • Officer Jonathan Chih
  • Officer William Flaherty
  • Officer Matthew Flanary
  • Officer Justin Haines
  • Officer Victoria Hawkins
  • Officer Barry Lockett
  • Officer Nicholas McElfish
  • Officer Shelby Pace
  • Officer Steven Price
  • Officer Shannon Stargel
  • Officer Bryan Trussell
  • Officer Bernardo Tubaya
  • Officer Shenell Wilkes
  • Officer Roger Young
  • Officer Adam Yowell
  • Ms. Michaela Moore

Emergency Service: Awarded to officers, under certain circumstances, for efforts to save a human life.

  • Corporal Jessica Beale
  • Detective Dino Bozzi
  • Officer Eric Collins
  • Officer Michael Greco (retired)
  • Officer Jason Higgins
  • Officer Shane Holmes
  • Officer Sarah Kramer
  • Officer Sheldon Reed
  • Officer Brookes Rothschild
  • Officer Seth Templeton
  • Officer Thomas Yi

Awards were presented to citizens in the following categories:

Citizen’s Award of Valor

  • Mr. Mark Bailey
  • Ms. Gabrielle Cleaver
  • Mr. Samuel Hall
  • Mr. Joseph Lease
  • Mr. Jim McMahon
  • Mr. Calvin Payne

Distinguished Citizen Award

  • Mr. Edwin Diaz
  • Mr. Vernon Finch
  • Mrs. Vanessa Freeman
  • Mr. Brian Magness
  • Mr. Nathan Magness
  • Mr. Fernando Morales
  • Mr. Michael Petrella
  • Ms. Emily Schillforth

The following Auxiliary Officers graduated:

  • Walter V. Gray
  • William A. McCrory
  • Gloria L. Payne
  • Kolawole R. Salami

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