Local schools come together to showcase student art
Wednesday, 03 April 2013 13:35

Students, parents and community members enjoyed hundreds of pieces of student-made art during the fourth annual Dundalk Cluster Art Show on March 27.    photos by Michael Rodman

4th annual art show held at Dundalk High

by Nicole Rodman

    The student work on display at the Dundalk Cluster Art Show just keeps getting better and better.
    Now in its fourth year at Dundalk High School, the show featured artwork from students at the high school and its feeder schools — Berkshire, Colgate, Dundalk, Logan and Norwoood elementary schools and Dundalk and Holabird middle schools.
    While each year’s works have been impressive, according to Dundalk High principal Tom Shouldice, the student artists really stepped up their game for this year’s show
    The March 27 show featured hundreds of pieces of art, as well as music and dance performances by local students.
    To Shouldice, the event is about bringing together students, parents and community members.
    “What I love about this is parents of all age groups come in to look at artwork.  It’s such a positive activity for our community.”
    During last Wednesday’s event, approximately 1,500 visitors streamed through the Dundalk High gym, viewing artwork by more than 500 student artists.
    Each visitor received  a souvenir pin bearing the name and year of the event.
    The artwork on this year’s pin, designed by Holabird Middle seventh-grader Brielle Rockett, featured a reimagining of Leonardo DiVinci’s famous Mona Lisa.
    As visitors made their way through the student-made art exhibits, they viewed a variety of pieces and techniques.
    Among the pieces displayed were sketches, sculptures, foil etchings and more.
    Notable standouts included a display of portraits of Surrealist artist Salvador Dali created by Norwood fourth-graders, plastic water bottle flowers by Colgate fifth-grade students and pop-art food sculptures created by Dundalk High art students.
    Also displayed in this year’s show was a variety of staff-and-faculty-created artwork.
    While such works included sketches and photographs, one Dundalk High staff member went above and beyond.
    Dressed in a silver space suit reminiscent of those worn on the 1960’s television series “Lost in Space,” Dundalk High head custodian Roy Plummer posed with his latest creation — a replica of the show’s famous robot.
    Able to move, light up and even speak, the robot delighted each visitor that passed.
    According to Plummer, he built the whole robot himself out of plywood, fiberglass, plastic and electronic parts.
    A talented hobbyist, Plummer builds replica movie props in his spare time.
    Specializing in robots, Plummer has also recreated Gort from the 1951 film The Day the Earth Stood Still and is currently working on R2D2 from the Star Wars films.
    For many of the younger students and their siblings, the art show’s “make-and-take” tables were the place to be.
    Children eagerly crowded around tables to create paper masks, texture rubbings and tissue paper flowers.
    Snacks were readily available as Dundalk High culinary arts students wove through the crowd offering finger food on silver trays.
    Near the gym’s entrance, visitors made their mark, placing ink-covered fingerprints on a poster to be displayed in the soon-to-be completed new Dundalk/Sollers Point Technical High School building.
    This year’s show was the last to be held in the current school; next year’s event will take place in the new school’s state-of-the-art facilities.