Minnick proposes monument to steelworkers
Wednesday, 02 January 2013 12:24
by Bill Gates

If the steel industry is truly finished at Sparrows Point — and every indication is that it is — then some people feel the era shouldn’t pass unnoticed.
    One of them is Del. Joseph “Sonny” Min-nick, who wants to introduce legislation in the upcoming General Assembly calling for a monument to steelworkers and their contributions over the past century.
    “There’s 100 years of history at that mill, and no one has talked about recognizing it yet,” Minnick said last week.
    “Some sort of monument should be erected on North Point Boulevard to honor the contributions the steel mill and the steelworkers have made to this county, state and nation.”
With the project pretty much still in the inspiration stage, Minnick doesn’t have any specifics on the type of monument and what would be featured on it. In fact, he intends for those aspects to be handled by others.
    He does think it should be located on North Point Boulevard near the entrance to the old mill.
    Minnick has already pitched the project to County Executive Kevin Kamenetz’s office, and “they think it’s a good idea,” he said.
    “After we get in session, we’ll form some kind of group, meet and talk about it,” Minnick said.
    “That mill made steel through two world wars and served as the economic engine for the entire area. It would be sad if we did nothing to honor this industry and these men.”