Hyland ends service as Colgate association president
Wednesday, 06 March 2013 12:11

Donna Metlin named group’s interim leader

by Ben Boehl

    Leading a community association is hard work,  and for most leaders, the job cannot be permanent, as David Hyland has learned.
    After spending the last four years as Colgate Improvement Association (CIA) president, Hyland stepped down in December and has been replaced by CIA vice president Donna Metlin, who took over on an interim basis upon Hyland’s resignation.
    Hyland said he will still remain a strong advocate of the Colgate community as he will remain a member of CIA’s board of directors.
    His departure, he said, was the result of the frustration he felt with the lack of enthusiasm and involvement from the community.

“The main reason that I stepped down is due to the lack of participation. You have plenty of people want to tell you how to do it, but not many want to participate,” Hyland wrote in a recent e-mail to The Eagle. “It winds up being the same people doing all the work. After a while, it gets old. At some point you have to answer and tend to your own business.”
    Looking back at his four years as president, Hyland said there were “many ups and downs, but it was worth it.”
    He enjoyed giving back to the community and helping out those who needed help by holding different charity events.
    “Many times, I sat in front of Kmart and begged for food to give to the [Community] Action Network. We tried to take care of our elderly, and for the past three years, [we] selected a family for Christmas,” Hyland recalls.
    “We always did these things anonymously, without seeking any kind of gratification. It really felt good asking the local businesses to contribute to good causes,” he recalled. “Not many people remember, but the Colgate Improvement Association stepped forward to help out Streets of Hope with the homeless shelter that was in our community.”
    Dave Patro, president of the North Point Village Community Association, said he worked with Hyland on a few occasions and will miss him.
    “It’s going to be a hell of a loss for that community,” Patro said.
    As Hyland hands his leadership role over to Metlin, he says he is sure that the association will remain strong.
    “It’s in good hands for sure,” Hyland said.
    Donna Metlin was unavailable for comment.