Unsual lights found in the Dundalk sky
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 10:52

Local nun among those who saw lights

by Ben Boehl

    Were there unusual lights in the Dundalk sky this month?
    The site Mutual UFO Network (mufon.com)  currently features video submitted from the Dundalk area showing what appears to be an unusual light sequence.
    The video shows a white dot in the sky that seems to change into an orange swirl. The site stated the incident was reported on Wednesday, April 10.         “Very beautiful, and positive frequency from it. Seemed as if they were having fun,” the videographer said in a statement on the MUFON site.
 “The flight pattern was straight up to the sky, coming straight towards me at an alarming rate like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I thought it was a nuclear bomb!”

The Eagle was able to get in touch with the videographer. His name is Darwin Beasley, and he lives in North Point Village. He said that the video was filmed in the open field by Battle Grove Elementary School.
    “A lot of people don’t believe me,” Beasley said. “I can’t tell you what it was. It was a UFO. I’m very positive.”
    North Point Village Community Association president Dave Patro said he heard the talk about people seeing lights in North Point Village, but is confident that it was only a helicopter.
    “I don’t know if there was an UFO. If it was, I wish they would take all the drug dealers away,” Patro joked.
    Beasley added that April 10 was a clear night and there were no clouds in the sky. He said he has been looking but has not seen any strange objects since the night of April 10.
    “I’ve been looking up in the sky, but I haven’t seen anything to report. My friends keep telling me to stop looking in the sky,” Beasley said with a laugh.
    The Eagle office received a phone call from a person who said they saw unusual lights in the air over the weekend of April 6 and 7. That person did not leave a call-back number.
    However, a well-known local nun, Sr. Mary Lambert Rossi of St. Rita Roman Catholic Church, did call The Eagle office to report seeing a similar phenomenon in the sky on Sunday, April 7, at around 11:30 p.m.
    “There was about four of them. I was watching them (at the church) for an hour and a half,” Rossi  said. “It was almost like a dance. They kept moving into a pattern.”
    Unlike the lights reported on MUFON, Rossi said she did not see any dots or colors. She thought it might have been a helicopter or fire truck, but there was no noise to go along with the lights.
    She also noticed that the lights were only visible against a backdrop of clouds, which makes it appear that the light could be coming from the ground.
    “You could see the light go from cloud to cloud, and you could only see it in the clouds,” Rossi said.
    “The light disappeared  when it went into the [open] sky.”
    MUFON also had a report of a person who saw similar lights in the clouds at around 11 p.m. on Sunday, April 8 [about the same time as Rossi’s observation] for about 90 minutes.
    “I saw no stars but two satellites. [It was] partly cloudy. I saw four to five lights [that came] together then apart, never leaving [the] clouds. They would stay with clouds jumping all around ... clock[wise] then sometimes counter-clockwise,” said the report on MUFON.
    “If it became clear ... in times of clouds going east, the two that went that way would hop or sneak to a cloud, never appearing out of the clouds. Together, then apart, over and over again for the hour and a half I watched them.”
    This person reported being from Baltimore and did not specify from Dundalk or any other specific community.    
    Baltimore County Police Cpl. Cathleen E. Batton said that the police department did not get any service calls about unusual lights in the sky in the Dundalk area.
    Even if Rossi and others only saw ground lights, where were they coming from on the ground?
    “I have no idea what is was,” Rossi noted.