FutureCare patient found near North Point Boulevard
Wednesday, 11 September 2013 11:05

Nursing home calls incident “isolated case”

by Ben Boehl

    One does not go to work expecting to find an elderly person wandering around aimlessly. But that is what Alexis Sibiski said she found at her job at the Eastpoint office complex two weeks ago.
     She looked outside her office and saw a man in a wheelchair heading down to North Point Boulevard on Wednesday, Aug. 28 around 2:10 p.m.
    “I went up to him, and he did not know his name,” Sibiski said. “He was going down the hill towards North Point Boulevard.”
    Sibiski and her coworkers thought he might be a missing person from a nursing home. She said she decided to call FutureCare North Point, since it was the closest nursing home to the area.
    “We called them up and asked if someone was missing. They said, ‘No —we hope not,’ and then they hung up,” Sibiski said.
    Then she looked at the man’s wheelchair and found an identification tag that stated the man was indeed a patient at FutureCare.
    Sibiski said she was angry that the nursing home did not know that a patient was missing.
    She said the man was near North Point Boulevard and must have ridden across North Point Road to enter her office complex, which is downhill.
    “I don’t know how he made it across North Point Road,” she said.

FutureCare North Point’s administrator is listed as Walter Kowal.
    Sibiski identified Kowal as the person who told her that the man goes out often for a smoke, but this was the first time he had left the complex.
    “He told me that an assessment was done,” Sibiski said. “I don’t know how they do their assessments, but [the man] did not know his name or where he was.”
    Sibiski said she wants to bring this situation to light because she wonders what would happen if she had a loved one in this facility.
    She said she also wants to know how often patients leave the Future-Care complex.
    Sibiski added that she called the police, but they told her they have no other such incidents on file.
    “The police said this has not happened before,” she said.
    John Spadaro, Chief Operating Officer at FutureCare Health and Management Corporation, said this was “an isolated case” and added that there have been no other reports of patients wandering off the FutureCare North Point campus.
    Unlike the security of a public school, Spadaro said, FutureCare does not have a lockdown system for all patients. He added that each patient is evaluated, and some are given the freedom to go outside.
    “We have a safety system in place, but some patients are free to go outside to get some fresh air,” Spadaro said.
    Citing confidentiality laws, Spadaro said he could not comment on whether this patient was allowed to go outside.