Local lawyer 9th in state “Pinkbook”
Wednesday, 06 November 2013 12:07

Bacon ranked for high value of recovery in cases

by Ben Boehl

    Any lawyer can claim to be among the best, but Bill Bacon and his staff are happy to say he has proof to back up that claim.
    The Maryland Comp Pinkbook recently listed Bacon as one of the top worker’s compensation attorneys in the state.
    According to the Injury Lawyer Database website (injurylawyerdatabase.com) the Comp Pinkbook is a statistical resource for the workers’ compensation industry. The statistics come from the state Workers’ Compensation Commission. 
    The Pinkbook provides statistics on injuries, lawyers, doctors, employers and insurers.
    Gina Lauback, a 16-year paralegal working for Bacon, said she is proud that her boss was so highly ranked, and added the Pinkbook has only existed for the last five years.
    “Before this book, a lawyer could claim anything,” Laubeck said. “Now all the results are published and all the heresay is gone. You can’t argue with this.”
    According to the book, Bacon ranks ninth in the state with the highest average permanent partial award, which Laubeck explained is based on lawyers’ average final settlements.
    Bacon also ranks in the top 100 for the amount of volume of comp cases.
    Laubeck described being ranked in the top nine for settlement and top 100 in volume of cases as impressive, given her estimate of over 37,000 lawyers in the state. She added that Bacon’s numbers have remained strong despite the number of factories that have closed within the past few decades in the area.
    “We don’t have the pool of workers that we can pull from anymore, since there is no GM or a steel mill,” Laubeck noted.
    Bacon said he has always practiced law on German Hill Road, keeping his office at various spots before settling at his 7708 German Hill Road address in the mid-1990s.

He has always maintained a solo practice with no other lawyers, relying on his staff, to whom he credits much of his success.
    “I have practiced law for 36 years, and I have always [practiced alone]. The four ladies that I work with do an extraordinary job. We all work together as a unit,”  Bacon added.
    According to the Pinkbook, Bacon averages about $35,350 in worker’s comp case settlements. Bacon added that worker’s comp can be confusing and gave an example of how a partial arm injury could receive more compensation that a serious foot or leg injury.
    “Comp laws can be complicated. There are rules out there that don’t make sense,” he explained.
    Bacon has moved to Harford County, but grew up in the Dundalk area. He is a graduate of Dundalk High School.
    At 61, he said he is still going strong.
    “I’m not tired yet. I enjoy my work and love people.”