New Dundalk Village business focuses on healing
Wednesday, 18 December 2013 14:20

EarthTouch Healing Arts now open

by Nicole Rodman

    Dundalk resident Aleasha Lewis wants to change the world through healing.
    In pursuit of this goal, she has opened a new holistic healing practice in the Dundalk Village Shopping Center.
    Called EarthTouch Healing Arts, the new practice focuses on healing through holistic medicine.
    Holistic medicine is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on healing the whole self.
    According to Lewis, it is this inclusive approach to healing that sets holistic medicine apart from more traditional mainstream medical treatments.
    “The benefit of holistic modalities is that, while allopathic [mainstream] medicine often treats only the symptoms of the condition, holistic medicine attempts to promote healing of the whole self — body, mind and spirit.”
    As Lewis pointed out, holistic medicine (a type of complementary or alternative medicine) is not intended to replace, but complement, traditional Western medicine.
    “The ‘alternative’ part of the name indicates one has both a choice, and in fact, a responsibility to their own well-being ... to be informed of what is available for achieving and maintaining health and wellness,” Lewis said.
    At EarthTouch Healing Arts, Lewis sees a wide variety of clients suffering from a range of maladies.
    “EarthTouch Healing Arts has clients from all walks of life – from those in wheelchairs, to babies, children and pets, to cancer patients, and those who have had either acute or chronic emotional and physical trauma,  diseases or conditions,” she noted.

Lewis’ practice focuses on the power of energy and its link to whole self wellness.
    Services offered at EarthTouch include massage therapy (Lewis is a licensed massage therapist), crystal therapy, aromatherapy and spa treatments such as wraps, scrubs and soaks.
    Lewis also practices Reiki, a Japanese alternative medicine technique.
    In Reiki, (which means “universal life energy” in Japanese) practitioners believe that the transfer of energy from their hands to their client’s body has healing properties.
    According to a 2007 survey conducted by the National Institute of Health, 83 million adults had spent $33.9 billion on complementary and alternative medicine, including visits to practitioners and purchases of products, classes and materials.
    Despite the large market for alternative medicine, there are few scientific studies that show such techniques to be effective.
    As NIH’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine stated in a 2009 report, “While scientific evidence exists regarding some CAM [complementary and alternative medicine} therapies, for many there are key questions that are yet to be answered through well-designed scientific studies, such as whether these therapies are safe and work for the purposes for which they are used.”
    In reponse to skepticism regarding the efficacy of alternative medicine, Lewis noted that she has extensively studied the benefits of holistic healing.
    “As an academic and intellect, no one is harder to convince than me of the merits of something that claims to do something as grand as bring various forms of relief to those who seek it,” she noted.
    “However, I do not merely rely on the experiential and phenomenological results of my clients ... but I am constantly seeking out the science behind the healing....”
    Lewis claims she has even seen the benefits of holistic healing in her own life.
    Now, she is seeking to share her skills and knowledge with her community.
    A lifelong resident of Dundalk, Lewis currently owns a home in Gray Manor.
    While contemplating where to open EarthTouch, Lewis knew that she wanted to stay in Dundalk.
    “I knew there was no other place that I wanted to open my practice; not only to launch my dream in my own hometown, but to help fellow Dundalkians (and then some) on their own personal paths to whole health and wellness,” Lewis explained. “In doing so, I also believe I am helping to rebuild a vibrant local economy, which is the legacy and heritage of my resilient community of Dundalk.”
    EarthTouch Healing Arts is located at 2 Dunmanway, Suite 231, in the Dundak Village Shopping Center.
    Services are available on evenings and weekends by appointment.
    For more information, call 443-710-3516 or visit