Vanguard eager to start Government Center process
Wednesday, 18 December 2013 14:23

Concerns about electrical towers are addressed

by Ben Boehl

    Even though the Baltimore County Council approved the sale of the North Point Government property to Vanguard Commercial Development Inc. by a vote of  7 to 0 on Dec. 2, some community leaders of  Dundalk have safety concerns about the new proposed recreation center that is expected to be built near the high tension wires that run across the North Point Government Center site.
    Rachel L. Lighty, a spokesperson for BGE, told The Eagle that there are indeed restrictions on building beneath the high-tension wires.
    “In the vicinity south of Wise [Avenue] and west of Church [Road], BGE has a right of way 205 feet wide, obtained through agreements from 1931 and 1959,” Lighty said.
    “These right-of-way agreements prohibit any building or structure from being erected within the easement area.”
    Vanguard co-founder Len Weinberg, who has experience with developments all over the country and state, said that the new proposed recreation center is close to the wires but will comply with the easement.
    “The building will not be [beneath the high-tension towers]. It is close to where the easement starts, but we are aware [of the BGE right-of-way agreement],” Weinberg said.
    Weinberg stressed that details of the plans he has released have not been finalized.

County Councilman John Olszewski Sr. (7th District) told The Eagle that the council’s vote in favor of Vanguard does not make it a “done deal” but merely “allows the process to move forward” and added that Vanguard must go through a PUD (Planned Unit Development) process that will include community input.    
    Olszewski explained the deal becomes finalized when it is approved by a county hearing officer, which is the final step after community input meetings and multiple conferences with the Office of Planning.
    Weinberg said his next step is to get a plan together and to prepare for the community input meetings.
    “We are thrilled to have this opportunity, and we know Dundalk is an excellent community to work in,” Weinberg said.
     According to Weinberg, he realizes that some people are going to be against any type of change, but he believes that most Dundalk residents want improvements and upgrades to the community and he wants to sit down to hear those ideas.
    “Our plan is to work on what is best for the site. We want to know what they want,” Weinberg added.