Calvary’s Public Servant Appreciation Day to return on Sept. 14
Wednesday, 27 August 2014 11:53
 by Ben Boehl

    Public Servant Appreciation Day is back.
    The annual Calvary Baptist Church event is usually held the Sunday before Labor Day weekend, but has been rescheduled to Sunday, Sept. 14.
    The event has been honoring police officers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, soldiers and correctional officers that serve the local community for the past 10 years, but there was some concern that the event might not continue.
    Former Calvary pastor the Rev. Cameron Giovanelli started Public Servant Appreciation Day (PSAD), but left Calvary to take a position in California earlier this summer.
    Rev. Stacey Shiflett took over as Calvary pastor in July and said he wanted to keep PSAD alive.
    Shiflett said that he is no stranger to the event, as he hosted a similar day to recognize public servants at his old church in Taylors, S.C. Shiflett added that his church occasionally hosted an event, but was glad to hear it is an annual tradition at Calvary.
    “I’m a big believer in [PSAD],” Shiflett said. “I had the same event in my church in South Carolina, and people here are very keen on the idea.”
    It has been a busy summer at Calvary with the transition from Giovanelli to Shiflett as pastor.
    With the annual Vacation Bible School program and the start of the school year also on the menu, Shiflett said there was not enough time to get the event together for the typical last Sunday in August. He said he was happy that the event will now take place a few weeks later.
    “We were afraid with all the events that were taking place, we might not get to have it this year,” Shiflett said. “We were happy to schedule it the second week of September.”
    Calvary member Bill Cain, who said he is not a coordinator of the event, but more of a “promotor and cheerleader,” said he is glad PSAD is back.
    “I’m happy that it is continuing. I enjoy e-mailing the elected officials and candidates to invite them to the event,” Cain said.
    Cain added that the public servants will still receive a gift card, but Mission BBQ will supply the gifts this year instead of Outback Steak House.
    “I like that we are involved with Mission BBQ,” Cain noted. “They are involved with charity work with law enforcement and the military.”
    For more information on the event, call the church at 410-285-4129 or visit