Yes, you have to take it, but sometimes you have to dish it out
Wednesday, 08 October 2014 12:26

by Steve Matrazzo

There it was, smack in the middle of the TBS broadcast of the Orioles’ ALDS-clinching win over the Detroit Tigers on Sunday. Bad enough that it was a political ad; more troubling by far is that it was an ad for one of our local candidates — to wit, John Olszewski Jr. Sure, it was a local buy on a cable-only network, and (as our Ben Boehl’s campaign reporting has shown) Olszewski has the cash to afford both the production of a high-quality spot and the time to air it, but still .... if anything demonstrates the need for serious campaign finance reform, it’s the fact that a state legislative candidate can raise enough money to afford to buy television time of any kind in a major metropolitan market, ever.

Part of being a journalist (as I’ve often had cause to tell my own staff) is understanding that the very act of putting your work before the public — with your name on it — more or less guarantees that many who read it are going to think that you’re absolutely awful, and some are going to make a point of saying so.

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