Bethlehem Steel retiree Keith Taylor is expanding on his “20/20 Vision”— his plan to use the century-old bricks from a soon-to-be demolished former Bethlehem Steel building to build monuments — by adding a lamp project to be completed for Sparrows Point High School.

Taylor had completed his brick kick-off and was touring the Tradepoint Atlantic site when he saw old lamp posts lined around the building.

The lamps are blue and gray, the school colors of the old Sparrows Point High School, which was located 40 feet from the mill site.

As Taylor looked at the lamp, he began to come up with ideas for how the lamps could be utilized.

Finally, he came to the conclusion that Sparrows Point could use lighting along the sidewalk up to the turf field.

“There are no lights on the property, and after dark it would be nice to have some type of light on the property.” Taylor said.

Taylor would have to retrofit the lamps for solar power and line them up the sidewalk to the field.

According to Taylor, the benefits of the lamp projects are lighting for the school, history for the students and civilians, safety and a place to hang championship memorabilia.

Taylor is still attempting to contact all of the necessary officials to have this projected completed.

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