Captain Glen Wiedeck is the new commander of Dundalk Police Precinct 12.

Courtesy BCoPD

Reducing crime and improving the quality of life for Dundalk citizens are just a few priorities of Captain Glen Wiedeck, the new commander of Dundalk Police Precinct 12.

Wiedeck was excited to be assigned to Dundalk last month, he said.

“I am very familiar with the area, and I love Dundalk,” he added.

More than 29 years ago, when Wiedeck first started his career with the Baltimore County Police Department, he started in Dundalk.

“Dundalk is where I learned to be a police officer,” Wiedeck said.

“I was very happy when I got put here.”

In 1989, Wiedeck became a patrol officer and served in Dundalk for six years.

Three years after becoming a police officer, Wiedeck was chosen to join the Hostage Negotiations Team (HNT).

He worked simultaneous as a patrol officer in Dundalk while resolving critical situations and helping people suffering through crisises for the HNT.

Wiedeck eventually became the assistant team commander for HNT, before leaving in 2007.

In 1995, Wiedeck left Dundalk and joined the Narcotics Unit as a detective.

He was assigned to the White Marsh Precinct and promoted to rank of corporal in 2002.

Shortly after, Wiedeck was assigned to supervise the White Marsh Community Drug/Violence Interdiction Team.

In 2005, Wiedeck was advanced to the rank of sergeant and assigned to the Essex Precinct.

A year later, he was assigned to the Crimes Against Children Unit (CACU) as a detective sergeant, were he was promoted once again to the rank of detective lieutenant and oversaw the Regional Auto Theft Task Force.

Prior to returning to Dundalk, Wiedeck served as both, sergeant and lieutenant of the CACU, to work towards protecting children.

Wiedeck noted that he is proud to serve in Dundalk, where he started his career, and wants to build a connection between the police and the citizens.

“We’re trying to meet with all the community organizers to see what the citizens care about.”

“We’re doing good with crime,” Wiedeck said.

Keeping the crime numbers low is his main priority, he added.

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