As per usual, the Baltimore County wrestling championship tournament last week was a two-day affair. Only, this year, they did away with the whole go-home, get-some-sleep, come-back portion of the event.

So a delegate in Annapolis (from Howard County — why am I not surprised?) wants to ban recreation council and club football in Maryland.

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Russ Lingner became the Sparrows Point athletic director in the year 2000 (which, as math nerds will tell you, was not the start of the 21st century). This was the same year I started at the Dundalk Eagle.

It was a routine midseason girls basketball game between two teams with losing records, neither of which is likely to go far in the postseason. There was nothing at stake other than each team wanting to win a game and improve its overall record.

Now that we’re all back from the holiday break, time for some impressions concerning the remainder of the 2017-18 school year (athletics-wise).

“With treatment, I have maybe three more years. Without treatment, I have until the end of the year. I’m going to get treatment.”

Don’t stray too far away during the Christmas break: the Dundalk High Holiday Boys Basketball Tournament is again hosting an impressive array of teams.

If this were last season, Dundalk likely does not rally from a 17-point third quarter deficit and almost definitely does not rally from a 10-point deficit with less than three minutes remaining to beat Joppatowne on Monday.

Dundalk hosted Milford Mill in the next-to-last football game of the regular season and was driving for a possible tying touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Patterson Mill junior defender Bethany Bruck sat through the postgame press conference and never once smiled. Her team had just lost to Sparrows Point in the Class 1A state championship game for the third straight year, and she was visibly angry and disappointed and not at all interested in …

”Well the weather outside is frightful ...”

Okay, if fate had its usual host of playoff torments in store for the Sparrows Point boys soccer team, then they would have been unleashed during the Class 1A North Region Section I final against Pikesville (otherwise known as the de facto regional championship game).

It’s been so long since the Sparrows Point girls soccer team lost a game that actually mattered, it’s still a little hard to process that the Pointers just lost a game that actually matters.

Seriously: Trinidad & Tobago? I mean, really? Sure, weird stuff happens in soccer, but, c’mon ...

If the Sparrows Point boys soccer team scores in the first half against Patapsco last week, even one goal, I believe the Pointers win that game.

We’re at the midway point of the high school football season, and let’s just say prospects don’t look as promising as they did at the start of September.

Brittani LaFollette spent four years wearing a Sparrows Point uniform and striving to lead the Pointers to victory in field hockey and lacrosse.

Of the three local high schools, which girls soccer team would everyone agree was least likely to be unbeaten after the first two weeks of the regular season?

And the really sad thing is, Patapsco was playing a good game. On defense, at least.