Compiled by Nicole Rodman
Wednesday, 06 August 2014 10:48
•   40 years ago (from The Dundalk Eagle of Aug. 8, 1974):
    Residents of North Point Village met with county officials to complain about the increasing number of tractor-trailers being parked at the North Point VIllage Shopping Center.
    An arsonist caused approximately $150 worth of damage after igniting combustible materials in the basement of a Thruway apartment complex. No one was injured in the blaze. Police had no suspects as of press time.
    Biologists with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service warned that the state’s proposal to use Hart and Miller Islands for dumping would destroy more than 1,000 acres of ecologically-valuable land. The state had previously applied for a permit to construct a dike on the islands to contain material dredged from the harbor. The biologists warned that such a move would poison the wildlife in the area. (Construction of the dike, which joined the two islands into one, began in 1981. The dumping of dredged material at Hart-Miller Island began in 1984 and ended in 2009. Today, a state park occupies a portion of the island.)
    Winners of the Colgate Summer Playground’s Stuffed Animal Contest included Billy Ellis, Barbara Neisser and Donna Forish.
•   30 years ago (from The Dundalk Eagle of Aug. 2, 1984):

    Approximately 70 law enforcement officials participated in a large drug sweep in Turner Station, arresting 27 suspects. The sweep was the culmination of a 15-month undercover investigation.
    Frank Averella, formerly of Dundalk, and his wife Teresa welcomed their second set of twins, girls named Mary Jane and Christina. The couple also had two-year-old twin boys, Raymond and Robert.
    Bethlehem Steel Corporation reported its first quarterly profits since 1981. The company made $24 million during the second quarter of the year. Officials warned that the company would likely just break even in the third quarter (Bethlehem Steel sold all of its assets in 2003 following a declaration of bankruptcy in 2001. The Sparrows Point mill closed for good in 2012.)
    Patapsco High School graduate Kevin Brown was selected to attend Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Clown College in Sarasota, Fla.
•   20 years ago (from The Dundalk Eagle of Aug. 4, 1994):
    Severe thunderstorns (and a possible-but-unconfirmed tornado) caused heavy damage to many homes across the area.
    Violent crime decreased in Baltimore County during the first six months of 1994, according to police statistics. This decline was mirrored in North Point Precinct 12, which saw a 10.5 percent drop in violent crime compared to the same time period in 1993.
    Bethlehem Steel posted a second quarter profit of $26 million, bringing the company’s net income to $39 million for the first six months of the year. Company offficials expected the high demand for steel to continue through 1995.
    Twenty-five people were transported to area hospitals after breathing in toxic fumes at Sam’s Warehouse in Diamond Point. The fumes were caused by a combination of an open paint can, leaky batteries and spilled detergent and bleach powder.     

•   10 years ago (from The Dundalk Eagle of Aug. 5, 2004):
    CCBC chancellor Irving McPhail faced criticism after announcing that the chancellor’s office would be relocated from Catonsville to Dundalk, at an estimated cost of $300,000. Critics called the move wasteful and unnccesary.
    The Greater Dundalk Community Council honored Sollers Point Technical High School student Yael Brown-Evans for designing a membership recruitment brochure for the organization.
    A fire in the 2900 block of Liberty Parkway killed a pet bird and a lizard and caused $70,000 worth of damage.Firefighters were able to rescue a third pet — a Doberman pinscher — from the home. There were no humans injured in the blaze. The cause of the fire was determined to be electrical.
    The Lightning Soccer Club took first place in the Southeast Area Recreation Center under-10 spring session.