Compiled by Nicole Rodman
Wednesday, 10 October 2012 10:54
•   40 years ago (from The Dundalk Eagle of Oct. 19, 1972):
    Two new Dundalk-area funeral homes — Connelly Funeral Home of Dundalk and the Leonard J. Ruck funeral establishment — were proposed prior to a rezoning hearing to be held in Towson on Oct. 25. The Connelly Funeral Home of Dundalk was slated to be  (and eventually was) built at Delvale Avenue and Sollers Point Road, while the Ruck funeral home was planned for the site next to the former Harold’s Bar on Merritt Boulevard. (Though the proposed Ruck funeral home was never built, in 1974 Leonard J. Ruck took over the John J. Duda Funeral Home of Dundalk, creating the Duda-Ruck Funeral Home of Dundalk.)
    A spate of armed robberies hit local businesses in the span of a week when three establishments were held up at gunpoint. The stores hit were High’s on Holabird Avenue, Logan Drug Store on Dundalk Avenue and Don’s Inn on North Point Road. Police had no suspects in the crimes as of press time.
    A balloon ascension was held at St. Rita School on Sept. 30 in recognition of the school’s Golden Jubilee celebration. The festivities also included a poster contest.
    Dundalk resident and noted composer Jack Golden died on Oct. 17 at the age of 68. Golden was well-known for working with some of Hollywood’s top talent, including Danny Kaye, Lucille Ball, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby.

•   30 years ago (from The Dundalk Eagle of Oct. 14, 1982):
    Four Dundalk police officers received silver stars for bravery during a ceremony in Towson on Oct. 15. The honored officers were John N. Brune, William J. Gilleland III, George B. Roberts III and Brian Uppercue.
    Local resident Stacy Lewis was crowned Greater North Point Junior Miss at a pageant sponsored by the Greater North Point Jaycees and Jaycee Women civic club. Winner Lewis received a $500 scholarship.
    The West Inverness Civic Association  presented an award for best yard of the month to local residents Phillip and Janet Kyte. The couple lived on Dineen Drive.
    The Greater Dundalk Chamber of Commerce held the 1982 Dundalk Chamber Showcase Awards at Martin’s North Point on Oct. 14. During the ceremony, a number of prominent businesses and business owners were recognized for excellence.

•   20 years ago (from The Dundalk Eagle of Oct. 15, 1992):
    In an effort to control kish, an often-airborne byproduct of steel production, Bethelehem Steel announced plans to lease part of its site to Maryland Pig, a company that would use molds to filter out kish before it could become an air pollutant in surrounding communities. The move was part of a 1987 consent order in which the steelmaker agreed to take steps to reduce air pollution from the plant.
    The first Turner Station Reunion and Solidarity Day was held in Turner Station Park on October 10. Approximately 1,500 current and former Turner Station residents were on hand to celebrate with a parade, live music, food and craft vendors.
    A Charlesmont man was admitted to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center with face and head injuries after being attacked outside of the Friendly Tavern on Sparrows Point Road on Oct. 12. The assailant, 38-year-old Robert Meninger, allegedly jumped on the victim as he was exiting the tavern, biting off parts of his ears and nose. The victim’s condition was not known as of press time. Meninger was charged with first-degree assault.
    The Breakfast Optimist Club awarded local students more than $2,000 in scholarships as part of the club’s annual essay contest. Contest winners included Terry Jones and Shannon Harvey.

•   10 years ago (from The Dundalk Eagle of Oct. 17, 2002):
    Peninsula Expressway was dedicated as Vietnam Veterans’ Highway during a ceremony on Oct. 19. The event was held at Dundalk Presbyterian Church on Merritt Boulevard and Peninsula Expressway.
    According to Baltimore County Police Department crime statistics, crime in the Dundalk area rose 12 percent from 2000 to 2001, with a 9.8 percent increase in violent crime. Homicides in Dundalk were up 200 percent (from two to six) over the same time period.
    Our Lady of Hope/St. Luke School honored educator Sister Mary Ancilla Castellano with a surprise celebration on the occasion of her 90th birthday. The celebration also marked 68 years of service to Catholic elementary education. (Castellano died on March 31, 2008 at the age of 95.)
    Bear Creek resident Johnny Wortman caught 26 fish during the fourth annual Great American Fish Off on Sept. 21. Wortman received a trophy for his efforts.