Friday, 17 June 2011 14:48

   My love of photography started when I was nine. I received my first Brownie Star Flash camera for my birthday. I think my parents used it more than I did, but I think it all started then.
   Over the years, I stepped up to a Polaroid, several pocket cameras, Kodak instants and finally a video camera to shoot all of the soccer and baseball games my son played. Wanting to get closer shots of my son as a pitcher, my husband Joe bought me a 35 mm Canon. I bought all of the different lenses and made tons of scrapbooks with pictures and newspaper articles.
   When I started in real estate 20 years ago, taking pictures helped feature the highlights of my listings. My husband bought my first digital camera around 2001. I still use it today, although the cards are obsolete.
   That was the first year I participated in the Maryland State Fair's Home Arts Show photography competition. I submitted a panoramic picture taken with a disposable camera and won a blue ribbon. After, that, I was hooked, and I have participated every year but one since. I've also won ribbons every year but one, which keeps me coming back. One of my photos was even donated to the Maryland State Fair Museum, at their request.
One of my photos was chosen for the Toyota Dog Days of Summer Calendar in 2009. It was one of my favorites, showing my neighbor's dog Raven hanging over the fence with his doggy smile.
   May of my shots have appeared in the Dundalk Art Show, in which I have taken part in each of the last seven years. The Art Show is so much fun, and everyone comes out to see it. There are a lot of artsy people in Dundalk!
  I hope you enjoy seeing these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Dotty Cristy