From Delegate Robin Grammer’s (R-6) office:

This week, my office will begin accepting requests for scholarships for the 2017 – 2018 academic year.

The Maryland State Higher Education Commission has established minimum criteria for the House of Delegates Scholarship Program. To be eligible for a Delegate Scholarship you must currently attend a Maryland college, university, or private career school, or must have been accepted into a Maryland college, university, or private career school for the 2017-2018 academic year.

If you attend an out-of-state school and the academic program which you are studying is not offered in Maryland you may be eligible for a Delegate scholarship; however, written permission must first be received from the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

You must also be enrolled as an Undergraduate full time (12+ credits per semester) or part-time (6-11 credits per semester) student. You may also be a Graduate full time (9+ credits per semester) or part-time (6-8 credits per semester) student. Unfortunately, audited courses cannot be used to reach the minimum credit hours.

You can acquire an application package at my website,, calling my office at 410.841.3298 or emailing us at

All application packages can be printed and mailed to our office at the address below. Alternatively, electronic copies can be completed and emailed to

Our office has helped hundreds of students achieve their academic goals. Please submit the required information and I will try to help you achieve your goals. If you should have any questions or concerns please contact our office.

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