The winner of the past two Dundalk Heritage July 4 6K runs, Dan Swain, didn’t enter the race this year.

Drew Landgren, last year’s runner-up, did enter. And he cruised to an easy victory in the latest edition of the July 4 6K race.

Landgren won by 46 seconds over runner-up Andrew Cantor, his roommate. Landgren finished in 21:17.1, while Cantor crossed the finish line in 22:03.9.

Cantor took third in the Heritage 6K last year, so he also moved up a spot in Swain’s absence.

The pattern broke in third place, where Rob Santoni came across in 23:29. Last year, Santoni took ninth overall.

After the large gaps between first and second place, and second and third, the finishers began to tighten up a bit. Adam Sierakowski was fourth in 23:41.5, Caden Devalle fifth in 24:03.5 and Jerry Henderson sixth in 24:12.8.

The first women, Meaghan Murray-Neuberger, finished seventh overall with a time of 24:36.3.

Past Heritage 6K women’s champion Elizabeth Tauber was the second women finisher, in 14th place overall with a time of 26:46.8, and Katie Harrington took third in the women’s race (19th overall) in 28:28.5.

Swain and Landgren are friends, and both attended Calvert Hall. They are also both members of the Falls Road Running Club.

“I was definitely looking to win, especially after getting second last year,” Landgren said. “I knew the course, liked the conditions. It’s a pretty good course.”

Landgren described the weather conditions as “brutal.”

“The weather was really tough, didn’t make it easy at all,” he said.

The temperature was said to be 88 degrees, which anyone who participated in the race and/or watched the ensuing Dundalk Heritage Parade can attest was a blatant lie.

Fortunately, the hallowed Dundalk Heritage 6K race tradition of spectators turning their hoses and sprinklers on the runners was upheld.

“The sprinklers were a very big relief,” Landgren said. “One guy sprayed me with a hose. There was another sprinkler near the finish line, which I was very glad to see.”

Landgren took control of the race early, leaving he and his friend Cantor running solitaire.

“After the first mile, he was about five seconds ahead,” Cantor said. “Over the second mile, he moved another five seconds ahead. That’s when he really got away from me.

“I was just trying to keep contact with him, but he had another gear that last mile and I just couldn’t close the gap.”

(A 6K race is 3.72 miles.)

This year’s race had 230 people enter, raising $7.500.

The age group winners were:

Male 1-10: Christian Cosentini, age 8, 34:13.5’

Female 1-10: Isabella McLaughlin, 10, 40:52.3.

Male 11-19: Caden Devalle, 14, 24:03.5.

Female 11-19: Lydia Morris, 16, 37:34.3.

Male 20-29: Cantor, 26, 22:03.9.

Female 20-29: Elizabeth Tauber, 25, 26:46.8.

Male 30-39: Adam Sierakowski, 30, 23:41.5.

Female 30-39: Katie Harrington, 36, 28:28.5.

Male 40-49: Dan Knapp, 43, 25:53.1.

Female 40-49: Laura Thurston, 47, 29:29.9.

Male 50-59: Rob Santoni, 52, 23:29.0.

Female 50-59: Michelle Barrick, 54, 28:49.7.

Male 60-99: Finley Mears, 62, 31:55.2.

Female 60-99: Patricia Quintero, 60, 38:48.0.

The youngest recorded finisher was Grace Goodenough, age 6, in 164th place overall with a time of 50:03.8.

The oldest recorded finisher was Carol Cullison, 71, in 202nd place with a time of 71:54.1.

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