It’s my first ever Dundalk Heritage Fair, and it’s our 50th anniversary at The Eagle.

The parade line-up is featured in the June 27th and July 4th issues of the paper.

As for what’s inside, it was my distinct pleasure to interview several of the bands performing during the fair. I can’t believe how thoughtful and responsive everyone was. It really felt like magic.

I used to live in Austin, and I’m a musician myself. Live music is what I love and what I know, so we went hard in the paint for our bands this year.

I’ll be at the fair every day, and I’ll be a judge in the parade. Come say hi and don’t forget to get your Eagle! I can’t wait to meet you. Also, we’re lucky that past editor Nicole Rodman will be joining us for the parade, as well!

Come on by our tent and say hi! I’m so proud to be a new Dundalkian, and I’m just tickled pink to meet everyone and be a small part of this great tradition.

At The Eagle, we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary, so we’ve got special t-shirts this year! We also want to thank everyone who supports us. We love hearing from you, we love when you buy ads, and we love to be a part of the community.

Dundalk is a really special place, and no one does it quite like you do. Let’s enjoy the fair this year with our friends and neighbors. Also, I think it bears repeating that there are many people who might not celebrate like you, look like you, or think like you. People are allowed to be patriotic in their own way — that’s the whole point of being an American. It’s up to you how inclusive you choose to be, but the America I love is welcoming to all.

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