While the Community College of Baltimore County has been open throughout the pandemic, more on-site classes are being offered this fall leading the college to be more assertive in encouraging vaccinations, according to a new release from the college.

Both students and employees who show proof of vaccinations are being offered financial incentives, and the college has already awarded nearly $800,000, the release says.

Students showing proof of full vaccination are receiving $100 on their student ID card to be used on campus at the bookstore, café and other campus locations.

The college has so far distributed $416,200 and “hopes to see that amount grow exponentially.”

This summer, CCBC offered employees a $200 incentive for proof of full vaccination, which resulted in 80% of full-time employees vaccinated and a distribution of $365,000.

Many of those employees chose to donate their financial incentive back to the CCBC Foundation as a way to maintain the coffers for students in need.

Just prior to the federal mandate, CCBC President Sandra Kurtinitis shared that all employees must commit to being fully vaccinated or undergo weekly testing by Nov. 1, 2021, an additional step Kurtinitis feels is necessary to strengthen safety measures.

“With proper physical distancing, enhanced air quality, temperature checks, masking and vaccinations, our classrooms and workspaces offer a safe haven in which our faculty, staff and students can focus on the reason they are here: to teach; to work; to learn,” Kurtinitis said in a statement. “We care about the well-being of everyone within our CCBC community and have made a significant investment in college-wide safety.”

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