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With kid-made floats, Norwood Elementary School students in the school’s Art Club put on a Thanksgiving parade through the school on Monday afternoon alongside the Music and Movement club, which performed a dance routine in the hallways following the parade.

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Dundalk filmmaker's thriller "Harvey" makes debut

A feature film starring a Dundalk filmmaker made its East Coast debut in a packed Baltimore theater on Thursday, adding to his area “brain trust’s” collection of independent flicks.

“Harvey,” which was described by a producer as an “’80s modern day psychological thriller” with “pop horror” elements, premiered at The Senator Theatre in Baltimore on Thursday, and starred longtime Dundalk resident and filmmaker Irv Becker, Jr., who was also an associate producer of the film.

The film revolves around a small-town bowling alley and a handful of its employees, including the titular outcast, Harvey (Darius Autrey), who becomes convinced that he is responsible for the murder of regular bowling alley bully John Snyder (Kevin Winn).

Becker, a Patapsco High School grad who lives in Dundalk and runs a barbershop in Bel Air, said he was a “just a Dundalk boy who wanted to be an actor,” making his first break into the industry when he was an extra in the 1990 John Waters film “Cry-Baby.”

He recalled coverage in the Eagle when he starred as part of the “Electric Boyz,” a boy band in a popular 2001 Baltimore Gas and Electric ad shot in Patapsco High’s auditorium.

Later on, Becker started working with his “Harvey” co-producer and fellow Waters extra Johnny Alonso, starring alongside him in the 2004 Francis Xavier film “Johnny Come Lately,” which Becker also co-produced.

Alonso, an Ellicott City native, said he got involved with Becker’s crowd because he “dated a lot of Dundalk girls.”

“For a while, the locals thought I was from Dundalk,” Alonso said. “And my reputation definitely precedes me in Dundalk.”

The pair’s indie flicks are getting new life from streaming services, Becker said.

“We’ve kind of taken this new generation of independent films, where you have Netflix and Hulu looking for content, and as long as you’ve got the right cameras and lenses and production values, you can get your movie distributed,” Becker said. He recalled the process of independent filmmaking decades ago, where his flicks would have to be submitted to festivals and judged to get anywhere in the industry.

“Now we’ve got legitimate distribution, so now we’re stepping it up a notch,” he said.

The producers said they started working on “Harvey” during the early parts of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, as they wanted to get out and create during the lockdown. The film, which was shot in Florida in August of 2020, was only one of a few feature-length films shot then.

“It was crazy, we had to get our temperatures taken, we had all these restrictions,” Becker said. Alonso later added that it’s already “hard enough to shoot a movie that’s not $100 million,” and downsized crews being tested daily for COVID-19 took extra money from the budget.

The film was also a breakthrough for lead actor Darius Autry, who met Alonso and “Harvey” director, writer and producer Ranelle Golden on the set of “Legacy of Love,” which is set to be released next year.

Autrey, a Tampa, Florida native who lives about two hours from where “Harvey” was shot, is “going places” after his dramatic role in the film, Alonso said at the release.

Although it is unclear when, and on which streaming platforms “Harvey” will be released on, producers said it will likely come out in January of 2022.

Owls to go on to state semifinals after hard-fought Urbana football game

Dundalk High School’s football team is in the state’s final four after a tight quarterfinals game against Urbana, which ended with a sharp turnaround for the undefeated Owls.

The quarterfinals game on Friday started out with the closely-matched teams holding each other off, with a halftime score of 0-0.

But things started looking up for Urbana’s eighth-seed Hawks at the start of the second half, with an over 70-yard touchdown pass to Hawks wide receiver Ezekiel Avit from quarterback Keegan Johnson.

And another Hawks touchdown pass brought them to 15-0 by the end of the third quarter.

But the Owls recovered in a tense fourth quarter, first making two touchdowns then bringing the score to 20-15, with the Owls in the lead, with a 45-yard catch and run conversion by Owls wide receiver Marcus Nicholson.

And thus, the Owls are headed to state semifinals.

They will be playing the fifth-seeded (in the statewide tournament) Arundel Wildcats at Dundalk High School on Friday night in the state semifinals.

Along with Arundel, the Owls are joining Mergenthaler Vo-Tech and Sherwood in the state semifinals. Those teams are playing each other the same night.

Manhunt for former Dundalk lawman, alleged accomplice ends with four dead

A former Dundalk lawman was found dead alongside his two daughters and his alleged accomplice, following an almost three-day manhunt for the former officer after he allegedly abducted the children from his estranged wife at gunpoint, according to police.

Maryland State Police said Robert Vicosa, a former Baltimore County Police officer who worked in the Dundalk precinct for a period of time before he was fired this August, was found dead in an “apparent murder-suicide” alongside his two daughters, who he had allegedly abducted earlier last week, in the back seat of a vehicle in Washington County last Thursday afternoon.

Vicosa’s alleged accomplice, Baltimore County Police investigator Tia Bynum, who was suspended during the manhunt, was also found dead in the driver’s seat, according to the state police.

Vicosa had been wanted after he allegedly staged a “home-invasion robbery” at his ex-wife’s house in the Windsor Township of Pennsylvania, just southeast of York, on Monday, according the York Area Regional Police Department. There, he allegedly took his ex-wife at gunpoint and stole her vehicle along with his two children, Giana and Aaminah Vicosa, the six- and seven-year old girls he had shared custody with in addition to his ex-wife.

The alleged home invasion lead to a days-long chase for Robert Vicosa, who was allegedly joined by his former colleague, Bynum at a point during the manhunt.

Throughout the three-day crime spree across state lines, Robert Vicosa and Bynum also allegedly kidnapped a man in Cockeysville last Wednesday afternoon, making him drive them and the two girls to “different locations in the Baltimore Metropolitan area,” Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt said at a press conference in York last Thursday.

Hyatt also said the search was impeded by the pair’s knowledge of police tactics. Bynum, who was suspended after police learned of her involvement, worked in the Baltimore County police’s criminal investigations division.

“When we have a situation that involves police officers or former law enforcement officers, our challenges are significant,” Hyatt said.

The search ended last Thursday afternoon when state police from Pennsylvania identified a gray Ford Edge, which they believed belonged to the suspects, heading towards the Maryland line from Waynesboro, PA.

As the Pennsylvania State Police attempted to stop the suspects, the car “veered off of the road, struck a culvert and came to rest in a grassy area” off Ringgold Pike in Smithsburg, Maryland, according to the Maryland State Police.

The four were found dead after police broke the car’s windows, having brought in negotiators who received no response from the vehicle’s occupants.

When the windows were broken, police discovered Bynum in the driver’s seat, dead from gunshot wounds. Robert Vicosa, along with his two daughters, were found in the back seat. They also had suffered from gunshot wounds, according to police.

Robert Vicosa, Bynum, and one of the girls were all pronounced dead at the scene and transported for an autopsy, while the girl’s sister was transported to a Hagerstown hospital where she was also pronounced dead.

An assault rifle and other firearms were found in the vehicle, according to state police.

Police are continuing to investigate what happened in the four’s final moments.

Robert Vicosa had worked in different offices throughout the Baltimore County Police Department since 2004, according to police, being promoted to a sergeant rank in the Dundalk precinct in 2017, according to a release from the Fraternal Order of Police at that time.

He later faced a number of disciplinary actions, eventually being terminated after a trial board hearing where he was found guilty on five of six charges for “sleeping while on duty, insubordination [and] conduct unbecoming of an officer,” according to the police union.

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Patapsco High sophomores Dylan Byrd, left, and Jonathan Boone, right, sign a commitment to the school’s apprenticeship training program last Wednesday afternoon.

Patapsco students sign on to apprenticeship program