DO YOU KNOW: Bookworm and wordsmith Blaine Taylor?

The Eagle's historian Blaine Taylor, pictured above with his many books, was enlisted on Feb. 8, 1965 at Ft. Holabird in Dundalk. He was due to be released on the day before, Feb. 7, 1968, but while in South Vietnam, he was given what was called an “early out” and sent home on Nov. 19, 1967, having arrived in-country in December 1966.

"Quite by chance," he said, "I completely missed being present for the famous Tet Offensive of January 1968 in which my then unit — the US Army 199th Light Infantry Brigade — was heavily involved, as described in the book, Days of Valor."

Taylor said he was under "enemy Communist Viet Cong fire" during much of 1967 during road convoys, "taking our men into combat zones" and bringing captured VC POWs out. Taylor was involved in three historic operations: Cedar Falls, Fairfax, and Junction City, and was awarded 12 medals and decorations, including the coveted blue and silver Combat Infantryman’s Badge/CIB that he still wears today.

"All my books are available by searching my name online via Amazon," he said. "Many are also available by contacting Casemate Publishers — my American distributer — as well as through the Baltimore County Public Libraries, to which I have donated copies thus far for that purpose."

Taylor has been published in three languages — English, Polish, and Slovakian — in 22 editions thus far, with "two more awaiting publication now" in the United Kingdom for US distribution also. "I have three more books written for which I am seeking a publisher now," he said. "At present, I am turning out two a year approximately."

"I do what I do now for the very same reason that I started out doing in 1958 in the St. Ann’s School, Baltimore, Classroom Gazette, a paper that I founded in that grade school, and that is to share the joy of reading that I have been fortunate to have with others. Simple as that may sound, that was, is, and will always remain the cause, while it be in a book published worldwide, or in a local weekly newspaper. To me, it’s all the same, with the difference being that here people can stop me where they see me and express their views, both pro and con."

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