Two correctional officers at the Metropolitan Transition Center, one of whom is a Dundalk resident, pleaded guilty to a felony theft scheme and misconduct while in office this week after being accused of adding fraudulent hours to their timesheets.

Dephany McKnight, 32, of Dundalk, as well as Sharonda Stokes, 34, of Baltimore City, were both sentenced to an all-suspended five year incarceration sentenced, and received five years probation from Baltimore County Circuit Judge Robert E. Cahill, Jr. on Wednesday, Maryland State Prosecutor Charlton Howard announced on Thursday.

The two allegedly used a flaw in the Baltimore correctional facility’s human resources management program, which allowed them to add hours to their timesheets that they didn’t work, the prosecutor’s office said in a press release.

McKnight, the Dundalk resident, allegedly inflated her work hours 29 times, claiming 1057.59 hours she didn’t work, the release says. That totaled $28,652.43, which she was ordered to pay back to the state government.

Stokes was ordered to pay back $74,790.95 to the state.

The two “abused their position of trust to steal money from the Maryland taxpayers,” Howard said in a release. “They have now been held accountable.”