A feature film starring a Dundalk filmmaker made its East Coast debut in a packed Baltimore theater on Thursday, adding to his area “brain trust’s” collection of independent flicks.

“Harvey,” which was described by a producer as an “’80s modern day psychological thriller” with “pop horror” elements, premiered at The Senator Theatre in Baltimore on Thursday, and starred longtime Dundalk resident and filmmaker Irv Becker, Jr., who was also an associate producer of the film.

The film revolves around a small-town bowling alley and a handful of its employees, including the titular outcast, Harvey (Darius Autrey), who becomes convinced that he is responsible for the murder of regular bowling alley bully John Snyder (Kevin Winn).

Becker, a Patapsco High School grad who lives in Dundalk and runs a barbershop in Bel Air, said he was a “just a Dundalk boy who wanted to be an actor,” making his first break into the industry when he was an extra in the 1990 John Waters film “Cry-Baby.”

He recalled coverage in the Eagle when he starred as part of the “Electric Boyz,” a boy band in a popular 2001 Baltimore Gas and Electric ad shot in Patapsco High’s auditorium.

Later on, Becker started working with his “Harvey” co-producer and fellow Waters extra Johnny Alonso, starring alongside him in the 2004 Francis Xavier film “Johnny Come Lately,” which Becker also co-produced.

Alonso, an Ellicott City native, said he got involved with Becker’s crowd because he “dated a lot of Dundalk girls.”

“For a while, the locals thought I was from Dundalk,” Alonso said. “And my reputation definitely precedes me in Dundalk.”

The pair’s indie flicks are getting new life from streaming services, Becker said.

“We’ve kind of taken this new generation of independent films, where you have Netflix and Hulu looking for content, and as long as you’ve got the right cameras and lenses and production values, you can get your movie distributed,” Becker said. He recalled the process of independent filmmaking decades ago, where his flicks would have to be submitted to festivals and judged to get anywhere in the industry.

“Now we’ve got legitimate distribution, so now we’re stepping it up a notch,” he said.

The producers said they started working on “Harvey” during the early parts of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, as they wanted to get out and create during the lockdown. The film, which was shot in Florida in August of 2020, was only one of a few feature-length films shot then.

“It was crazy, we had to get our temperatures taken, we had all these restrictions,” Becker said. Alonso later added that it’s already “hard enough to shoot a movie that’s not $100 million,” and downsized crews being tested daily for COVID-19 took extra money from the budget.

The film was also a breakthrough for lead actor Darius Autry, who met Alonso and “Harvey” director, writer and producer Ranelle Golden on the set of “Legacy of Love,” which is set to be released next year.

Autrey, a Tampa, Florida native who lives about two hours from where “Harvey” was shot, is “going places” after his dramatic role in the film, Alonso said at the release.

Although it is unclear when, and on which streaming platforms “Harvey” will be released on, producers said it will likely come out in January of 2022.