This will be our 13th year of helping children in our area.

Hopefully, 2021 will be better with schools opening and being able to reach more children. The children have suffered without their friends, and their families are having a hard time also.

You and I can make a difference to make them happier this Christmas.

The thought of children doing without anything should make us sad. I know we can’t help every child, but we can do our best. The giving people of Dundalk, Edgemere, Essex and other areas have been great in the past and should be proud that they have helped these kids.

Former residents and Eagle subscribers from Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania know our area and donate every year. They have been great also.

Last year, we took care of about 160 children with many gifts to each child. This year, we will do better for their specific needs. We will help some local schools, some local trusted organizations and many local families who need our help.

We can’t do this without YOU. You all understand our journey.

I have to be finished by the second week of December to deliver to the schools. I buy most of the common needs all year long but always need more of the new toys when I get the lists from the schools.

So, please don’t hesitate.

You can call me anytime at 443-895-8137 for pick up or delivery.

Mailing address: Jerry Bathory, 2913 Delmar Ave, Edgemere, MD 21219.

These are the items that our needed for the children, who are ages 3 to mid-teen:

Coloring books, crayons, paint books, colored pencils, sketch pads, arts and crafts, youth books, wrestlers, Spiderman, Superman, makeup, nail polish, lotions, cosmetic jewelry, board games, batteries, PJ Mask, Barbies, L.O.L, baby dolls, hair accessories, musical items, footballs, Jojo Siwa, Paw Patrol, Star Wars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, ponies, soccer balls, G-rated DVDs, learning items, puzzles, LEGOs, Pokemon, unicorns, Trolls, Frozen, PEZ candy, Ravens items, Orioles items, action figures, Littlest Pet Shop, mostly new winter hats and gloves, gift cards to Walmart and Five Below, and monetary donations made out to Jerry Bathory.

Thank you so much,