DUNDALK — The new BB&T Bank located in the Merritt Park Shopping Center hosted a grand opening event on Thursday, Nov. 7.

BB&T officially opened on Sept. 30, market leader vice president Amanda Anderson said.

She said they are “ecstatic” about being in Dundalk because “a lot of people have been asking for a BB&T branch.” Anderson described the first month of business as “amazing.”

“We’ve had a lot of clients coming in, and we think this is a great location,” she said.

BB&T’s mission is to make the world a better place, and Anderson says they’re looking to do that as much as they can in Dundalk.

With over 100 branches in Maryland, the Dundalk community has been “very welcoming.”

“We’re here to help the community and make it better,” Anderson said.

Dundalk resident Al Donaldson thinks the new BB&T is “convenient.”

Prior to the Dundalk BB&T location opening, the closest location was in Canton, according to Donaldson.

“They’ve been great,” Donaldson said. “Everything that I’ve had to deal with, they’ve been able to help me out. The people are awesome.”

Dundalk Chamber of Commerce’s executive director Vicki Young feels that anytime new businesses move in, it’s productive for the community.

“We’re really excited that BB&T has joined us here in Dundalk and we hope to watch their expansion grow with their first branch here,” Young said.

Anderson wants the rest of the Dundalk community to come into the branch, so they can introduce themselves and let everyone know what BB&T has to offer.

“We welcome the rest of the community to come in, for us to make an introduction, and to get an opportunity to have a conversation,” Anderson said.