“Look at the summer’s NG (National Guard) presence at the Capitol to yesterday. Enough said.”

“My first thought was the February Revolution when I saw it on television yesterday. America is better than a third-world nation, and this was not American patriotism.”

“Disappointed, seeing how many people on social media thought this was okay was sickening.”

“It makes me feel disgusted to be an American. Utter embarrassment in my opinion.”

“I feel disappointed because this event happened because one guy was a sore loser and couldn’t accept the fact that he lost an election.”

“Our country is deeply divided, and it’s sad to witness that and think to yourself that nothing may happen to these people that were committing federal crimes. It’s almost to the point to where they were welcomed into the Capitol.”

“Would this have happened if Donald Trump won the election?”

“How can Trump gas peaceful BLM (Black Lives Matter) protesters for a photo op and yet let people die and invade the Capitol building, the center of our democracy, and not even condemn it?”

“Is there a wave of terror to ensue? Does Trumpism die with this event? What happens now?”

“How did this happen? Why is the Congress not more secure?”

“Will this lead to a rebellion with Trump breaking off from the US or just simply refuse to concede and continue to order his followers like a deposed king?”

“Seeing the American art and architecture really set it in for me. Is this what the Framers would have wanted? Will this set a martial precedent for future elections?”

“Will Trump ever admit to the truth of the election?”

“The election results have been challenged multiple times in court and nearly all were rejected or ruled against. President Trump and his family members have spoken in support of the people that stormed into the Capitol.”

“Very chaotic and ironic as to the reaction of the attack. But, with the BLM (Black Lives Matter) protest it was considered ‘thuggish’ and the presence of cops was vastly different.”

“Rioters violated the safety of others (rights). Popular sovereignty decided the election, and these rioters and some government officials are trying to challenge or overturn that.”

“I think what upsets me the most is the people who raided the Capitol were met with grace and patience, but when people were protesting for their rights, they were met with rubber bullets and tear gas even when the majority of protests were peaceful.”

“Are more attacks like this one bound to happen due to the orange losing the election?”

“It’s terrible how we’ve gotten so polarized that people would resort to violence to get their point across. Why can’t people think about the others around them before acting?”