DUNDALK — On a news tip from a neighbor on Wednesday morning, The Dundalk Eagle was first on the scene of an alleged illegal puppy mill at the corner of Parkwood and McComas in the Gray Manor neighborhood of Dundalk.

Fourteen dogs total were seized by Baltimore County Animal Services from the unlicensed, for-profit puppy mill at kennel that operated at 2601 McComas and an off-site location. The area is not zoned for commercial kennels.

“I’ve reported them many times,” said a neighbor. “I’ve talked to a lawyer. They keep dogs — boarding, grooming. They sell sick puppies.”

The dogs were all taken for treatment.

On the scene, now-confirmed reports stated that four dogs were inside the dwelling, and that they were “not in great shape.” Authorities removed the dogs Wednesday. Officials say civil and criminal are “likely.”

Video from the scene shows a dog on a crowded back porch, barking at the back door. Another photo and video shows a large dog in the front yard. Our reporters witnessed both Baltimore County police officers and Baltimore County Department of Health officials walking into and out of the house.

The owners of the house and three of the four dogs that were ultimately removed in the house could not be seen while reporters were on the scene.

Reporters have reached out to authorities and the alleged lawyer mentioned above.

A video of the scene can be found on our various social media accounts.

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