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DUNDALK — Dundalk locals who have gotten cash from the ATM at the MECU Credit Union at 7220 Holabird Avenue in Dundalk might need to check in on your balance.

MECU reported that a “card-skimming device” has been found on the ATM at their Holabird location.

“MECU Credit Union is assuring its members that any losses are fully reimbursed by the credit union,” the credit union and bank said in a statement on Tuesday.

“We are encouraging all members to notify us if there is something unusual about an ATM and report any unauthorized activity immediately. Members should use online or mobile banking to regularly monitor their accounts,” the bank said in a statement.”

Please make sure to always be aware of your surroundings before using any ATM, and make sure to cover the key pad when entering your PIN number.

Other safety tips include: checking for any loose items and looking for add-on items that you feel are out of place or not like other ATMs you have used in the past.

Also, if your card cannot go into the card dip smoothly, do not enter your PIN or perform a transaction.