DUNDALK — The Osprey Composite Squadron of The Civil Air Patrol has a new commander, as Maj. Karl Lotvedt relinquished his command to Lt. Russell Chenowith during a change-of-command ceremony on Dec. 3 at American Legion Post 38.

The Civil Air Patrol has three missions: search and rescue, which Lotvedt says is the most important mission; aviation education; and cadet programs.

Lotvedt has been a commander of The Osprey Composite Squadron for eight years and regulations prohibits service past eight years.

Chenowith was a Cadet, then a Lt. Colonel, and later served as Cadet Commander. Now, he will be Squadron commander.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Chenowith graduated from Chesapeake High School and has been in Air Patrol for ten years and a fire fighter for three and a half years.

“This is my Squadron where I started, this is where I built myself up. This is where I was the Cadet Commander, so it’s very nice to see myself growing into a greater capacity,” Chenowith said.

“I’m up for the challenge. It’s definitely going to be hard work, but I have great people to work with, and our goal is to give a program to the community that supports kids needs and desires and supports the mission of Civil Air Patrol.”

Lotvedt feels that Chenowith will do very well as commander because he was a great Cadet commander.

“Russell has been in Civil Air Patrol for ten years. He’s got the experience. He’s got the knowledge, and he’s got the desire to be a commander,” Lotvedt said.

No military experience is required to join The Civil Air Patrol. Those who want to serve their communities can join from 12 years old and up, according to Lotvedt.

The Civil Air Patrol fee for Cadets under 18 is $35 dollars a year. For seniors, the price is $65 dollars a year.

Lotvedt feels like Dundalkians don’t know much about The Civil Air Patrol, but they should. There are many perks, he said, from scholarships to community engagement.