Students in the Dundalk High School Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) program have had a busy summer and fall.

Although the school year ended on June 14, some of the NJROTC cadets spent their summer training and participating in various activities.

Four cadets, including Michael Dannenfelser, Christian Jorge, Nathan Lewis and Blake Seekford, attended the Baltimore County JROTC Leadership Camp from June 18 to 24 at Camp Fretterd in Reisterstown, Md.

They, along with cadets from other Baltimore County JROTC schools, received academic training in general orders, chain of command, military rank structure, land navigation and aviation. They also received marksmanship training, participated in high line rappelling and completed an obstacle course. The week ended with the cadets competing in the tug of war, egg toss, relays, Dizzy Izzy, pushups and curls as well as an early morning mile-and-a-half hike. Parents and friends attended the graduation ceremony on June 24.

The Dundalk High NJROTC Color/Honor Guard also participated in the 83rd Annual Dundalk Heritage Parade on July 4 and was awarded first place for their category.

As a part of the unit’s community service obligation, NJROTC is participating in the Adopt-a-Road Program through the Baltimore County Adopt-a-Road Program and has adopted the road from Holabird Avenue and Dundalk Avenue past Dundalk High School to Sollers Point Road.

The goal of NJROTC is to develop young men and women into productive citizens that reflect greatly upon themselves, their community and nation.