ABINGDON — A Dundalk man is behind bars after allegedly knocking out a 75-year-old man at a car wash in Harford County earlier this month.

Harry Enlow was found laying in a pool of blood at the Canton Car Wash in Abingdon, according to charging papers filed against Dundalk resident Jackie Benjamin, a Turner Station resident who is charged with attempted second-degree murder and attempted manslaughter, among various offenses, for the incident.

Police wrote in charging papers they viewed surveillance footage from the car wash where Enlow, a 75-year-old retired steelworker, was seen bending down and “waving and speaking” to a baby outside the car wash.

A man, identified as Benjamin, then approaches Enlow in the video and speaks with him, before he “punches Mr. Enlow with a closed right fist,” charging papers say.

Enlow lost consciousness and hit his head on the concrete, according to police. He was diagnoses with two internal brain bleeds, a broken jaw which required surgery, and three fractured ribs.

Benjamin, who is from New York, was eventually found and arrested in Dundalk last Wednesday. He was ordered to be held without bail in Harford the next day.

After Enlow’s injuries, family started a Facebook page called “Smiles for Miles Harco,” which aims to give updates on his condition and sought love from friends and strangers, who brought messages wishing him a speedy recovery and spreading “his favorite message of ‘keep smiling’.”

Family posted on social media earlier this week that Enlow was released from the hospital on Saturday.