We asked. You answered. The Dundalk Eagle asked Dundalkians to name the biggest local stories from the last decade. Here are your responses.

Lee Martin murdered 

Marie Mallot named a story from 2010 involving Lee Martin, a beloved local man who owned Hop's Inn on Railway Avenue. 

One night in May that year, Martin had closed up his bar and was walking to his house next door when he was fatally shot by two assailants. Martin was described as a man who would stand a drink if a customer was short, and would even loan money to someone in need. 

The murder was orchestrated by his ex-wife, Jaclyn Martin. The murder was carried out by her brother, Robert Garner. She provided him with money to buy the weapon. 

Garner was sentenced to 60 years in prison for first degree murder. Jaclyn Martin was sentenced to 60 years in prison for first degree murder. 

The 2014 Red Wave 

Politically speaking, a red wave rushed through eastern Baltimore County in 2014. Traditionally blue, the area decided to vote differently that year. The biggest victory, of course, belonged to Gov. Larry Hogan. His message resonated with blue-collar conservative Democrats. 

Locally, eastern Baltimore County sent more Republicans to Annapolis. Johnny Ray Salling was elected state senator. Bob Long, Ric Metzgar and Robin Grammer all were sent to Annapolis to represent District 6 as delegates. 

Salling announced last year that he is running for U.S. Congress. Should he win the GOP primary, he will challenge Dutch Ruppersberger, D-2, for Maryland's second district. Could the red wave that swept through Dundalk take aim for our nation's capital? 

This story was mentioned by Steve Dishon.

Tradepoint Atlantic 

Dishon mentioned a second story – the beginning of Sparrows Point, LLC, which later rebranded itself as Tradepoint Atlantic. 

Tradepoint Atlantic sits at the former Bethlehem Steel site in Sparrows Point. Redwood Capital Investments paid $110 million for the 3,100 acres of industrial real estate. Today, Tradepoint Atlantic prides itself as one of the largest global logistics hubs in the United States. 

The closing of Bethlehem Steel 

The former steel-making giant stood at Sparrows Point for more than 100 years. In 2012, it closed for good when then-owner, RG Steel, filed for bankruptcy. 

One of the biggest industry hubs on the east coast was resigned to some empty buildings on a vacant lot. Several retired workers still remain around Dundalk, reminiscing about the days when Bethlehem Steel was "booming."

A teardown began after the closing. In 2014, nine people were injured during a controlled demolition of a building. In 2015, the plant's 32-story L Blast Furnace was demolished, marking a sorrowful end to the area's steel making legacy. 

Shootout on Dundalk Avenue 

Imagine going about your day just like any other day. Riding a public bus en route to carry out the day's responsibilities. Everything abruptly changes when a man brandishes two weapons and orders everyone off the bus. 

This happened during a June afternoon in 2017 on Dundalk Avenue. Blaine Robert Erb was killed during a shootout with Baltimore County Police. One officer and one bystander were injured during the incident.

Erb committed armed robbery at the 3400 Block of Dundalk Avenue before getting on a bus. He was seen on video paying his bus fare. Police officers eventually stopped the bus, and that's when Erb pulled out two .40-caliber handguns.

Reports said that four police officers returned fire from Erb. He was shot on a nearby lawn, where he was pronounced dead. It was later reported that Erb had been prohibited from owning firearms because of an armed robbery conviction.