A total of nine teams from Dundalk went to the American Poolplayers Association’s World Pool Championship in Las Vegas at the end of last month, bringing home high scores from the tournament.

Following up from taking last year off due to COVID-19, this year’s combined 2020-2021 World Pool Championship was “a mega event” with just under 2,000 teams, around 400 tables and about 16,000 players attending, according to Melissa Frank of the poolplayers association’s Maryland office, which holds its triannuals and world qualifiers at the New Green Room in Dundalk. She said this year’s event was likely one of the largest pool tournaments ever.

About 43 teams from Maryland went to Vegas this year. Of them, nine were from Dundalk. Eight of those Dundalk teams played in the 8-ball tournament, and one was a 9-ball team.

“I’m there almost every year,” Brian Connelly, the team captain of one of the New Green Room’s own teams, “Sorry not Sorry!,” which left with a #33 spot in its bracket, said. He said the championship was like normal, except it was “kind of odd” to be wearing face masks during the tournament this year.

Connelly’s team joined Dundalk’s “Munk Got us Here?” and “Blurred Vision 8” in the 33rd spot in the 8-ball tournament. Also from Dundalk were “Who Knew?” and “Luck of the Draw,” who both scored 257th, “Robbies” and “Life’s Short Just Lovett,” which both scored 513th, as well as “Censored” which scored 769th.

Dundalk’s 9-ball team, “Access Denied,” scored 513th in their bracket in the 9-ball tournament.