Darla Lynne Effland passed away last week. She spent a lot of time at a local bus stop, and people noticed her absence and saw police vehicles and emergency personnel there recently.

With her permission, we reprint daughter Amber Hiebler’s information. Many people have come into The Eagle’s offices asking about it.

“I received a phone call yesterday (Feb. 27) that my mother was found dead at the bus stop that she has been staying at. She will be missed by everyone who knew her. She was a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, a sister and an Aunt.

A lot of the people in the community would help her and give her food and clothes. Everyone had gotten to know her, and will miss her. She always had a pretty smile and still laughed no matter what was going on.

My mom had a very rough life. We have no money to get her cremated at least .. we don’t want the state to have to take care of her remains I would love to be able to have her remains next to my son’s.”

You can contact Amber on Facebook.