DUNDALK — Beloved Dundalk staple Drug City has the best product in town — and it’s not pills or booze — but you can get those there, too!

Dr. George Fotis, owner of the catch-all store, has created an incredibly charming Dundalk themed coloring book that’s available for sale.

We found it in the back of the store, and had to know the rest of the story!

Fotis, originally from Greektown, started working at Drug City as a Cashier in 1996. After he graduated from pharmacy school in 2000, he worked as a pharmacist at the infamous local shop.

And in 2016, the multi-talented Fotis claimed ownership of Drug City, and felt inspired to create the coloring book.

“Dundalk has so many unique places,” he said. “I just thought it would be fun to celebrate the community.”

The coloring book is for sale, and it’s not expensive. “We love the community and our customers,” he said warmly. “We didn’t do this to make money.”

Fotis says he’s had great feedback about the coloring book, and we couldn’t agree more. The writers and editorial staff are absolutely in love with the drawings and what they say about Dundalk. It’s sweet, it’s historic, it’s Baltimore sports — and it’s got a dash of great humor.

Our editor, B. Rae Perryman, has been spotted coloring pictures on the “poop plant” page!

“I’ve had kids and adults bring me their finished colorings, which I proudly display at my desk,” Fotis said.

The coloring books are available at Drug City for $3.99.