Cristian Isaac Cardona-Meija (24) has been arrested and charged with three counts of attempted murder and three counts of first degree assault after a road rage incident in Dundalk ended in a physical altercation, with four people including the suspect, sent to the hospital with lacerations.

Baltimore County Police said that on the evening of Sept. 16, an incident of road rage between Cardona-Meija, in a pickup truck and three other men in a Toyota sedan began on Eastern Boulevard. Both vehicles moved to the intersection of Merritt Boulevard and North Point Boulevard before all parties involved exited both vehicles.

The road rage incident turned into a verbal altercation in the intersection. According to police reports, Cardonia-Meija produced a utility knife and began frantically waving it at the other three men, and the altercation turned physical.

All four men received lacerations during the altercation and were transported to a nearby hospital. The three men in the sedan received non-life-threatening injuries and were released. Cardonia-Meija, who produced the knife was turned over to police custody upon release from the hospital.

According to the Maryland Vehicle Administration, 43 percent of aggressive-related incidents result in injury or fatality.

Cardonia-Meija has no prior criminal record and is being held without bond at the Baltimore County Detention Center.