Shrinkwrap does a great job keeping boats clean and protected but it also is a single use plastic that generates tons of waste. The manufacturing of the wrap also contributes to air pollution. The Maryland Clean Marina Program is taking a two-pronged approach to prevent this plastic waste and recycle what there is. Boaters are encouraged to reduce, reuse and then recycle.

Shrinkwrap Recycling for 2021 In partnership with the Marine Trades Association of Maryland (MTAM) and Chesapeake Materials, the Maryland Clean Marina Program is working to help recycle shrinkwrap to reduce plastic waste. The goal this year is to collect and recycle at least 30,000 pounds of used wrap. Best efforts to recycle can fail due to the need to keep the wrap pure in order to make it reusable. All straps and debris must be removed. Help to make this program a success.

Marinas and boatyards encouraged to participate

• MTAM will sell and distribute bags that hold up to 40 lbs of clean shrinkwrap to participating marinas and boatyards.

• Cost of each bag will be $15. This cost will include the pickup/transportation and recycling of the filled bags. These are the hard costs to make this program work.

• Critical to the successful recycling of boat shrinkwrap is keeping it pure and clean. All straps, zippers, doors and vents must be removed for the wrap to be accepted by any recyclers. Dates for pick-up will be sent out to you early in the season so that you will have time to prepare and plan to get the wrap bagged in time.

• Only bagged wrap will be accepted by Chesapeake Materials.

• Bags hold the wrap from up to a 35-foot boat. By condensing the wrap, you may get more in the bag, but we ask that you keep the weight to 40 lbs maximum.

• Questions and orders for bags should be directed to donna.morrow@maryland.gov

Boaters are encouraged to tell their boatyards and marinas about the program.