DUNDALK — Students, faculty and staff at Sollers Point Technical High School think it’s “important” to participate in Baltimore County Public Schools “Kindness Matters” month, an initiative promoting acts of kindness that coincides with National Bullying Prevention Month.

Each week of October, schools throughout the county will expose their students to different activities that exemplify what it means to be “nice to other students and human beings.”

To kick off Kindness Month, Sollers Point had all homerooms watch an anti-bullying video and discussed in small groups the messages in the video, and how those messages applied to them.

This week, they will use homeroom lessons to encourage students to be “upstanders” rather than bystanders when they see bullying in their school.

In the third week of October, Sollers Point will be hosting a rally for their magnet students. The first part of the session will include a character education lesson on kindness, while the second part will be a field day for students in grades 9 through 11 to work together and get to know each other.

Each day the students, faculty and staff will be invited to wear a designated color of the day to show support for civility, equity, unity, respect and positivity.

“We will have homeroom lessons for students to learn more about these characteristics, and how they can demonstrate kindness at Sollers Point every day,” Sollers Point counselor Maryellen Beck said.

“Kindness Matters month is important to the students, faculty and staff at Sollers Point because we believe that we are a family. We demonstrate kindness and respect toward each other every day, and strive to make Sollers Point Technical High School the best place for learning and growing into successful professionals and students,” Beck said.