Laurie's Candles and Crafts

Laurie’s Candles and Crafts, owned by Dundalk native Laurie Williams (pictured), celebrated its one-year anniversary at its present location on Dundalk Avenue on Sept. 7.

DUNDALK — Located on the west side of Dundalk Avenue next to Pinland Bowling Lanes, Laurie’s Candles and Crafts celebrated its one-year anniversary on Sept. 7.

Customers who entered the establishment were treated to a little extra that day. Laurie’s candles provided free cookies, cupcakes and popcorn. Customers who made purchases were allowed to spin a prize wheel. Prizes included a free item or a discount on a future purchase.

Laurie Williams, the owner of Laurie’s Candles and Crafts and a Dundalk native, moved into her present location one year ago with the help of Dundalk Renaissance Corporation. Laurie’s Candles and Crafts is one of five businesses that have succeeded through Project Pop-Up. Williams said the past year has been “absolutely great.”

“I started back in 2001,” Williams said about how she got into the business of making and selling candles and crafts. “It was supposed to be making for my family members, and it just got a little bit bigger and a little bit bigger. How this started out is I started off in a shopping center as a pop-up shop.”

Williams said she eventually ended up in Sparrows Point, but left when her lease had ended and moved back to Dundalk. She has been a school crossing guard in Dundalk for the past 25 years, she said, and decided why not have a business in Dundalk.

“I absolutely love it here,” Williams said.

People who visit Laurie’s Candles will find a variety of crafts and goodies, to include country crafts, scented wax tarts, battery-operated timer candles, and metal tart warmers, which are used to melt the wax tarts.

Williams said she was approached by Dundalk Renaissance when they asked if she would be interested in having a pop-up shop. She told them she had never heard of a pop-up shop, she said.

“We had a meeting and we talked about it, and they asked if I wanted to go into the retail business,” Williams said. “I started off doing craft shows, and I’m like, ‘I want to open a store.’ They let you start off for three months, for the holidays, just to see if you want to actually open a business. It actually turned out really, really well.”

Williams said she traveled to several places around Maryland and Pennsylvania for craft shows before opening her store. She said her customers are “so happy” she is back in Dundalk.

“They love it that I’m back,” she said.

As far as plans for the second year and beyond, Williams said she hopes to grow her business, and she hopes her customers will continue to support her.

Laurie’s Candles and Crafts is located at 10 N. Dundalk Ave., next to Pinland Bowling Lanes.