Geraldine Triplett once had three cats, but now one went missing and never returned home.

Geraldine Triplett's cats

The cat on the right went missing and never came home. The owner, Geraldine Triplett, eventually found her cat in a nearby Petsmart. It had been adopted by another family. Triplett wants to warn other cat owners to look after their pets so the same doesn’t happen to them.

The missing cat eventually made it to a home, just not Triplett’s. A resident of the West Inverness community, Triplett said that at first she didn’t know what had happened to her cat, but soon began putting pieces together after seeing a post on her community Facebook™ page.

“Notice to anyone on Shore Rd or nearby who let their cats roam, I will be coordinating with animal control to trap cats that are doing their business in my yard,” the post said.

Triplett said she doesn’t voluntarily let her cats outside, but they do find ways to “escape.” Despite leaving the home, they usually return, she said. She eventually found her missing cat – at a nearby Petsmart. She made an attempt to get her pet back, but adoption papers had already been filed.

Cats are listed as one of the top 100 invasive species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. An invasive species, as defined by the National Wildlife Organization, is {span}any kind of living organism — an animal, plant, seeds, even bacteria or fungus — that is not native to an ecosystem and causes harm. Domesticated cats have no native range.{/span}

Domesticated cats are estimated to kill over 1 billion birds and over 6 billion small animals every year. In 2014, domesticated cats were responsible for 60 percent of rabies cases in the US.

Triplett said that while she is not able to get her own cat back, she wants to put the word out to other cat owners that they should keep an eye on their furry felines so that the same thing does not happen to them.

“I just pray to God that no one else’s cat is taken, and if it is, they will have enough info to get it back before it’s too late,” Triplett said.