To the Editor:

I am surprised no one is saying anything about Logan Village Shopping Center. Do you know the land where the shopping center is located is where the soldier’s camp used to camp there in the ‘30s. It’s very important to the history of Dundalk.

The Logan Village Shopping Center looks terrible. If the owner of the center does not have plans to reopen or rebuild the super market, he should sell it. We really need a super market in our community close by. There’s a senior building “The Greens” close by. I’m sure most of them chost that building beacuse it was close to a super market and other stores also.

If the owner reads this letter, please hurry and help the community so we don’t have to go so far to shop.

There’s a lot of seniors that do not drive. Please give this article some thought.

Thanks a lot,

Geraldine Collins

A Senior

Turner Station