Royal Quinn

A Baltimore man has been charged with second-degree rape and attempted child kidnapping for an incident that happened near Norwood Elementary School in Dundalk on Dec. 2.

Royal Jamar Robert Quinn, 24, is currently being held at the Baltimore County Department of Corrections on denied bail status, according to the Baltimore County Police Department. All charges in this matter include: attempted kidnapping, second degree rape, third degree sex offense, robbery, false imprisonment, assault, and theft.

The incident occurred before school on the morning of Dec. 2. According to charging documents, the child told police she was walking from Birch Avenue to Norwood Elementary. She was attacked from behind by Quinn, who “grabbed her, picked her up, and threw her to the ground.” He pulled down her pants, and tried to pull down his own pants, according to the charging document.

The victim told police that she struggled and screamed, and Quinn told her to “shut up” and punched her in her face multiple times. She suffered visible injuries on her face and inside her mouth, according to court records. The victim also told police that she bit Quinn’s hand while he covered her mouth to stop her screaming.

Quinn eventually got up, pulled up his pants and ran away, according to court records. The victim also got up, pulled up her pants and ran toward Norwood Elementary School where she met other students and asked for help. The victim told police her interview that she noticed a black car on the street before she was attacked.

Court records said that while canvassing the area between the victim’s residence and Norwood Elementary School, police found numerous private residences with home security cameras. Footage from those cameras showed that Quinn followed the victim in a dark Nissan Maxima as she walked, according to court records.

The charging document said that Quinn is “clearly seen following, passing and waiting for the victim to pass by before following her again.” The Nissan Maxima stopped nearby the victim as she walked, according to the charging document, and at one point, Quinn opened the car door. Before Quinn exit the vehicle, the victim approached the street. Quinn closed the car door, turning around again to follow her, records said.

Court records said that as the victim walked up the pathway to the school, the vehicle parked where the path meets the street. Quinn exited his vehicle and left it running as he began to run after the victim. The footage from home security cameras matched school surveillance footage, according to court records.

According to the charging document, the evidence showed that Quinn tried to abduct the victim, but was unable to do so, due to the victim screaming and struggling to get away. During the struggle, the victim’s phone was on the ground. The victim picked it up before running away.

According to court records, Quinn’s Nissan Maxima has a “low-profile spoiler,” chrome accents and premium alloy wheels. Those details make the vehicle unique, differentiating it from other Nissan Maximas.

According to court records, Baltimore County detectives were able to retrace the vehicle’s direction of travel after the attack. The Nissan Maxima traveled on I-95 South through the I-95 toll facility. An image of the vehicle was captured when it traveled through an EZ Pass lane. Detectives were able to identify the vehicle’s license plate number, which was matched to 3012 Wayne Ave. in Baltimore. Surveillance was established at the residence, and the vehicle was found at the location, according to court records.

On Dec. 6, Quinn was seen exiting the residence, getting into the Nissan Maxima and driving away. The vehicle was stopped, according to court records, and Quinn was detained. A search warrant was obtained for both the vehicle and the residence. Muddy, dark clothing and boots were found at the residence.

According to court records, Quinn was detained and transported to the Baltimore County Child Advocacy Center. He declined an interview and was placed under arrest. He was transported to Precinct 12 for processing and booking.

Court records show that Quinn was found guilty in 2013 of second degree murder in Baltimore City Circuit Court. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison. He served three years and nine months, according to court records. Curiously, the remaining 26 years and three months were suspended.

Quinn was given five years supervised probation in 2017. The Dundalk Eagle cannot confirm with officials the reason for the suspended prison sentence at this time.