Crime scene

Police arrested two men on attempted murder, kidnapping and assault offenses last week in connection with their alleged involvement in a kidnapping of a man who was working in his Old Dundalk backyard last Monday.

Dorian Michael Georgia, 23, of Baltimore City, and Darrell Lee Sutton, 32, of Dundalk were jailed last Thursday after police determined the two had kidnapped and robbed a Dunglow resident who was in his back alley on Monday afternoon last week.

Charging papers filed against the men say lawmen were first dispatched at about 4 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 18 to a residence off Dunglow where Michelle DiLegge had recently returned home and saw her televisions on the living room floor as well as a butcher knife she did not recognize.

She also noticed her husband, Larry, was not home, and his car was not there, charging papers say.

Larry DiLegge was found by police in the city just over an hour later, at the intersection of S. Addison and McHenry Street, charging papers say.

He told police he had been accosted by two men at his home while he was working in the alleyway behind his house, according to charging papers. The two men “shoved him into the garage, threw him on the ground and tied his hands behind his back” with electrical wire.

One of the men showed him what appeared to be a sawed-off shotgun, threatening him to follow orders, charging papers allege.

The men then went inside the home for a bit, came out, and took Larry DiLegge’s wallet, he told police, which had $300 in cash and various credit cards. Then they forced him into his car and drove out of the area, charging papers say.

In the car, the men stopped various times, but Larry DiLegge was forced to not look at them, charging papers say. He noted at one point the men picked up a 15-year-old girl, who was later taken into custody, and stopped at the Royal Farms on Holabird Avenue.

The car made its way through the Fort McHenry Tunnel before dropping off Larry DiLegge on the street, police say, with his hands tied behind his back.

Police identified and found Georgia, Sutton and the 15-year-old girl in the girl’s mother’s apartment through tracing cell phone calls, finding multiple items belonging to Larry DiLegge in the hamper.

While being questioned as to if the attack was random or if they were sent by somebody, Sutton told police that the group “owe[s] people money,” charging papers say. He did not answer why the group chose to attack DiLegge.

Georgia denied being near the area, and when confronted with video and phone evidence, he “smiled and just said ‘damn phone’ and advised he didn’t do anything.”

The two men were ordered to be held in jail without bail on Monday pending their trial dates. Both are scheduled for a preliminary hearing in November.

On Tuesday, DiLegge told the Eagle the incident was “horrific,” but he was glad no other family members were home at the time.