Del. Ric Metzgar (R-6) and his chief of staff Paul M. Blitz walk the 2019 Dundalk Fourth of July Parade

Del. Ric Metzgar (R-6) and his chief of staff Paul M. Blitz walk the 2019 Dundalk Fourth of July Parade.

COLUMBIA — The Maryland Free Enterprise Foundation (Maryland Free), formerly known as Maryland Business for Responsive Government (MBRG), a statewide, nonpartisan, non-profit organization, has released the 2019 results of its annual publication Roll Call, now available online.

Delegate Metzgar scored 92 percent, indicating a pro-business position. Maryland Free considers cumulative scores above 70 percent as pro-business in the General Assembly.

Each year, Maryland Free’s State Advisory Council selects from the most recent General Assembly session recorded votes that are essential to create jobs and promote a healthy business climate throughout Maryland. Maryland Free identifies these bills in Roll Call and analyzes the votes to produce a score for each legislator.

For the 2019 analysis, Roll Call analyzed 15 Senate votes and 16 House votes.

This year reflected a continuation of extreme partisanship, new laws that will diminish the competitiveness of businesses in Maryland, and unnecessary legislation aimed at manipulating pre-litigation discovery. Party-line votes, and a guaranteed veto override by the General Assembly, continue to get in the way of common-sense business decisions. The $15 minimum wage law was the most notable of the job-killing bills introduced and passed in this year’s legislative session.

Duane Carey, President of Maryland Free, remarked that, “Maryland’s current legislature is one of the most polarized and lowest scoring ever. Between 1994 and 2019, average pro-business scores fell from 63% to 44% in the Senate and from 74% to 44% in the House, which makes it increasingly more difficult for Maryland employers to create and sustain jobs. So Delegate Metzgar‘s score of 92% is critically important to reversing that troublesome trend to create a pro-jobs environment.”

Maryland Free, recently rebranded after being known as MBRG for 36 years, is a statewide, nonpartisan political research and education organization supported by corporations, trade associations, chambers of commerce, and individuals. Its purpose is to inform Maryland’s business community, elected officials, and the general public about the political and economic environment needed to foster economic development and job creation in Maryland. Annual evaluations of the voting records of Maryland’s state and federal legislators enable Maryland Free and its members to hold politicians accountable for the state’s economic well-being like no other organization.

Roll Call is compiled by an independent advisory council of corporations, trade associations, small businesses, chambers of commerce, and other business and trade organizations involved in the 90-day session in Annapolis. The purpose of Roll Call is to educate, inform, and empower Maryland employers, business owners, and others to engage in a dialogue with elected officials on issues critical to a healthy economic development climate in Maryland. Maryland Free has been issuing its annual report card for 34 years.