DUNDALK — A new property management company has arrived in Dundalk, aimed at helping people not only invest in real estate, but also manage the responsibilities that come with owning property.

Debbi Forakis, a Dundalk native who works in real estate, has partnered with Georgio Comninos, an attorney who works for the Department of Veterans Affairs Board of Veterans’ Appeals, to start a new company called Dependable Management.

“It’s a property management company, full service,” Comninos said. “Debbie’s a realtor, and I’m an attorney. What makes us full service is that we can take care of your portfolio, your hopes and dreams in terms of investing in real estate here in Baltimore, and then have that real estate managed headache-free.”

Comninos and Forakis said they offer services for property owners such as screening tenants, rent collection, maintenance, eviction services, etc. Comninos said the goal is to alleviate stress for property owners so they can focus on a strategy for where they can allocate their funds for investment.

“We are a Dundalk-born and headquartered company,” Comninos said. “We’re local to most property investors’ properties, so we can respond quickly and efficiently.”

Vicki Davis, executive director at the Dundalk Chamber of Commerce, said that buying and managing properties in Dundalk is important, as it will bring more people to the community. This is especially true for Sparrows Point, she said. As it continues to develop, there will be more opportunities for jobs as businesses and residents continue to help each other.

“In order to increase our resources, like grocery stores, etc., is by getting more community members and more people living in the area,” Davis said.

“The more vibrant the residents are, it’s kind of a circle. One helps the other. You need both to be successful and to thrive.”

Comninos said he grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland, and recently moved to the Dundalk area. He met Forakis when she sold him one of his own investment properties in the area. The two learned they share a cultural heritage, Greek, and things went from there.

“We share a lot of the same values, goals and aspirations,” Comninos said. “We share a love of our community. We share a sense of philanthropy and wanting to give back, and wanting to see our community grow and blossom in a beautiful way. That’s the glue that keeps us together.”

The idea for Dependable Management began when Forakis and Comninos were discussing the challenges and benefits of owning property, Comninos said. They discovered they each had their own processes figured out, and that together their knowledge and experience could benefit every property owner.

“I called her up one day and said, ‘Hey, I filed the LLC,’” Comninos said. “It’s been going from there.”

Comninos said he and Forakis have already spoken with some property owners around the area and have received positive feedback. A lot of property owners don’t necessarily live in the Baltimore area, he said, but live either in other parts around Maryland or out of state.

“Some of them live in California, on the other side of the country,” Comninos said.

“It means so much to them to be able to handle their properties for them. It’s good for them to know that their investment, typically a large and significant investment, is being placed into good hands of people who care. Not only care about their property, but also the community and will take into consideration, just like we do for our own investment, that they need to make a profit and that this is a money-making venture for them. They’re very much happy about that and they feel comfortable with trusting us.”

Forakis said she is “super excited” to start a new business in her native Dundalk.

“I do love Dundalk,” Forakis said.

“I do try to force young couples to come into the area. We are so close to the city, and yet we have all the benefits of having a nice home at a reasonable price, good schools, taxes are cheaper and water is cheaper. What more could you ask for than to be in a community that still loves and cares for you and actually helps with raising your children? It’s true that everyone looks out for everyone here. That’s how I feel, and that’s why I raise my own kids here.”

Comninos said the way he chose to live in Dundalk was that he originally set out to find an investment property in the area. He said he went to look at what is now his current home. He fell in love with both the home and the neighborhood.

“As I was coming up to coordinate repairs and contractors, and renovations and the like, I got to know more and more about the community and the people,” Comninos said.

“My neighbors took turns, because I didn’t have a lawnmower yet and I was still in the heat of things, they took turns mowing my lawn. They didn’t know me. They didn’t have any sort of duty or didn’t owe me anything. They wanted to, out of the kindness of their hearts and they wanted to welcome me the right way, with open arms and an open heart.”

People interested in contacting Dependable Management can visit their website at www.dependablemgt.com, or by phone at 410-456-4219.